Sitting to Standing Desk with Desk Booties made @ Techshop

Picture of Sitting to Standing Desk with Desk Booties made @ Techshop
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Sitting is the new Smoking... or so I've heard.  It's not good for your back or for your posture, and it burns less calories than standing.  Standing desks are gaining popularity and I experience some back pain after a day of sitting,  so I decided to retrofit my current dest to be a standing desk.  Careful though... if you do this at work, be prepared a deluge of requests from co-workers to make them a set of booties too!  I was able to do this project at TECHSHOP SF  (  in the wood shop.

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Step 1: Generic Table/Desk

Picture of Generic Table/Desk
I began by taking a careful look at the generic table that my office uses for desks.  Here is a clean one so you can get a good idea of its shape.  Rather than put a stack of books or a secondary table on top of this table to raise up my monitor and keyboard, I decided that it would be nice if the entire surface were raised up to standing level.  I decided that the risers that I would create would need some design feature to keep the legs of the table from shifting off and dumping my computer and other things on the floor.  I visualized that the leg would fit down into some sort of enclosure so I measured the width of the tapered leg about 4" from the base and found that it is about 2" wide.  

Step 2: Height of Desk as it is.

Picture of Height of Desk as it is.
This is my desk... slightly less prestine than the previous picture:) I measured the height of the existing keyboard tray (or table top if you do not use a keyboard tray).  In my case it is 25" off the floor. 

Step 3: Standing Desk Ergonomics (picture borrowed from

Picture of Standing Desk Ergonomics (picture borrowed from
Next, I measured the height my tray would need to be to be ergonomically optimal according to the following diagram.  That height is 37".  I subtracted the needed height (37") by the actual height (25") to determine the needed height of the bootie's platform or riser.  

37" - 25" =12"