This is a six color duct tape rose. It is very easy to make, and you can make variants of this with less colors. If you have only two or three types of duct tape, that is no problem. Just follow these steps, and you can get what you desire.

This will take you anywhere from one hour to many more! Even if you don't get the result you were looking for keep trying! This was my second time making one of these, and I have made about 50-70 duct tape roses altogether.

This is the finished product of a six-color duct tape rose I made.

If you like this one you can check out the other duct tape rose I made here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Pokeball-Duct-tape-Rose/

Make-to Learn Youth Contest Entry

1. I made a six color duct tape rose. I made it with duct tape. I used scissors to cut the tape, and a wooden dowel to make the stem.

2. I first started making these for my mom on mothers day. I first started with just red, and later expanded. The rose is all my design, with a little inspiration from the duct tape brand.

3. I made this creation at home for fun. I love making crafts like this to improve my lifestyle. I have made roses, ties, sandals, and many other duct tape related products. I also enjoy making paracord bracelets to wear.

4. I learned that perfection takes a while. I ruined one rose and about half a roll of duct tape before I got it exactly how I wanted it. Despite all this, I was proud of the final creation. I have made another one before this Instructable, to give to my grandmother. I decided to share my knowledge and made this one.

Please vote for this as I have many more projects I will be doing. Thanks!

Step 1: Step One: Materials


Six different duct tape colors. (I used green, blue, purple, pink, orange and yellow.)
Scissors/ cutting tool like a knife
Optional is a pencil, or a 1/8 inch wooden dowel (Not shown in picture.)

THIS WILL COST ABOUT $20 if you use six colors. I got my duct tape at Wal-Mart for $3.47 a roll. It will cost about the same for you.
You can use less colors to save money, or more colors (not recommended unless you are an expert).

You can use other colors if you like, and you don't necessarily need a pencil, or scissors. I would recommend a dowel, as they are lighter, and you can give them to people to sell or just as gifts. I would use scissors as they give you a nice clean cut of duct tape. A knife will do the same, but BEWARE, they can give you nasty cuts. I have cut myself a few times with them. If you are doing this, please ask an adult BEFORE you start. I do not want to get sued over this.
I really like this! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Very pretty! :D
Thanks! I have read some of your Instructables myself, and they are just amazing!
<p>neat </p>
*cute hah
Really cuter
I think I will make this for my wife! Cause nothin says I love you like a duct tape rose! <br>Thanks for sharing! <br>Mr. G
Are the pedals on the outside longer than the ones on the inside? and how do you pretty up the bottom of the flower once done? (if you do)
The first pedals should be shorter than the ones on the outside. I made the pedals all the same size, which in turn makes the flower wider at the base instead of a nice V shape (it was a \ / shape).
That is really nice and it looks great. Thanks for sharing :)

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