Step 10: Week Three-ish

Picture of Week Three-ish
This week was rather messed up in the restart area, which is supposed to be Sunday. As you can see from the image, instead of sleeping all the way through from 6PM on Sunday according to plan, I took a short nap then was up until 12:30. To tell the truth, there was an event I wanted to go to...

Then I kinda swapped Friday and Saturday's schedules, this time due to a friend visiting from out of town. Man, other people, you know?

(But next week is worse, I'm afraid! I don't think I'll be able to draw any real conclusions at the end of April. I will have to keep going through May.)
Daddyshome6 years ago
It's not about what you eat or drink, you can get used to pretty much any meal plan. But humans are not nocturnal creatures. Your body produces melatonin in response to the lack of sunlight. Its what helps you sleep. The effect is not strong but if you spend a long time in a "cave" with inadequate lighting it will screw up your inner clock. My advice: for better sleep and general quality of life go outside every day when the sun is up AND when its down, turn most of the lights down a couple of hours before getting to sleep and don't close the drapes during the day. Perhaps people are not perfectly designed for a 24 hour long day but remember that we have be flexible to handle all sorts of situations. Sometimes you have to stay awake for 48 hours or more, and most people are capable of that. My theory is that we have to "force ourselves" a little bit to go to sleep every night because otherwise we wouldn't be able to stay awake for long periods of time on those rare occasions when we really have to.
raymccullie6 years ago
Just a thought but after reading this whole thing. You seemed fine the first few days. Chalk that up to the placebo effect perhaps but the day you went back to drinking coke, it seemed downhill from there. I don't just assume that it's the caffeine, most likely it's some other ingredient in coke. Try coffee, try another soda, or just stick with plain water for a week. See what happens to your sleep cycle then.