Six Fun Things to Do in the Rain


Introduction: Six Fun Things to Do in the Rain

As adults we tend to run straight inside when it rains. Too often we turn to the TV or the internet as soon as the clouds appear. Now, of course there is a place for indoor activities, especially when it's raining so hard that it's bouncing back up at you. On these days sites like girlsdoporn are an ideal pass time. However, if you are feeling adventurous here are six things to try outside in the rain.

1. Splashing in puddles

Sometimes you just need to release your inner child. Wait until it's been raining for long enough to create puddles, then put on your waterproofs and wellington's. When you're ready find a nice big puddle and start jumping. If you can get some friends together you can even make a game from it; see who can make the biggest splashes.

2. Dance

This is one you might want to do in the privacy of your garden or yard, at least the first time. You don't need music or even to be good at dancing to enjoy dancing in the rain. Just move around to the sound of the raindrops and enjoy.

3. Swim

I'm not for a moment suggesting that you swim in puddles (unless you really want to). But, swimming in the sea, a lake or even an outdoor pool in the rain is a completely different experience.

4. Play tricks

What tricks you play are completely up to you, but make sure they are funny. A good trick should bring a smile to the face of the person the trick is played on as well as the person playing the trick. A good one is to find a large thick rope, throw it over your shoulder and run outside. Go up to people and tell them you have lost your dog, show them the rope and say he slipped his leash. Enjoy the look on their face as they try to work out the size of the dog you would need for the leash.

5. Catch rain drops

You can do this two ways, one is safer than the other. If you like taking risks, then catch them on your tongue. For a safer option grab some containers and see if you can catch individual drops in the container. You can even add food coloring to the pots and use the rain to make different color shades.

6. Play in the mud

As kids mud was just something else to build with, run through or throw at your friends. For adults it becomes something to be avoided and washed away. Next time it rains forget you are an adult for just a little while and grab a bucket and make mud castles. alternatively find a big stick and draw pictures or play tic, tac, toe with a friend.

The rain does not have to stop your fun. These are just six of the many ways that you can have fun outside in the rain.



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