I made this flower from 3 nickels, a bullet shell, and a hot set crystal. I wasn’t sure if it was going to turn out so unfortunately I didn’t take photos along the way.

To make it I started out by cutting 3 nickels in half and rough shaping six petals. I soldered the petals in a stack and filed them to the same shape. I then de-soldered the stack, used a paper clip to emboss, and filed the edges round.

I cut the Primer side off a bullet shell and then filed it round. I soldered it all together to include a metal circle on the back for reinforcement. I used a heat gun to set the crystal. After polishing I made a jump ring from a paper clip.

(Use an expended cartridge. That means a shell that has already been shot. Do not under any circumstances use live ammo.)

hey mr b im really enjoying your stuff do you think u can walk me through what u did just a little more, would it be possible to replace the bullet casing with a round piece of brass?
Sure, you can use anything round you'd like. I only used a bullet shell because it's was on hand and already round. Send me a pm with any questions. Thanks!
Neat, what chain did you use?
This is a silver chain that came out of my wife's jewelry box.
Convenient! Looks really nice.
what exactly do you do to hammer the nickle flat?
I lay the nickel on a smooth steel surface and hit it with a smooth faced hammer. You can see all my fancy tools (not really that fancy) through out most of my other instructables.
This came out good! It looks good on your wife...you should make one for mine!
I'll trade you for a dinner plate of lasagna.

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