Six Piece Burr From a Single Dowel





Introduction: Six Piece Burr From a Single Dowel

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Here's another puzzle you can make! For such a small and relatively simple design this was actually pretty difficult to do. A vice is strongly suggested and be careful! I came close to getting my hand caught in my drill press several times before i went out and bought a vice.

Step 1: Materials

Saw+Drill (Drill Press is strong advised, hand drill strays too much

5/8 diameter dowel 20 inches long

5/8 spade bit



Step 2: Measurements

For this project there are 6 puzzle pieces, each puzzle piece is 3 inches and 3/8 diameter. The measurements are based off the picture in black and white. I started off with the center pieces cutting out semi-holes in the middle of four the pieces and based the other cuts off that. BE VERY CAREFUL CUTTING!!!

Step 3: Putting It Together

The picture above shows which piece goes where. Once all the holes are cut, try and piece it together, if it is too tight sand the cuts to make it work better. Hope you enjoy!



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    Intersting. I love that you can make it from one dowel :)