Six Simple Ways to Fix the "Open Tray Error" for XBOX 360's

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PLEASE READ THIS: Before reading this, make sure the problem is your xbox and not the disc simply by putting a different disc into your xbox 360.
           If your like me, you obviously have and xbox 360 that has or has had the "open tray error". This error is when you have a disc in your xbox 360 and it doesn't "see" it and it displays the message "open tray" as if there isn't a disc in your xbox. There is also an error just like this but when you put a disc in the xbox makes two clicks. I call this error the "double click error".
           Anyway, in this instructable I will teach you six simple ways to fix these error that I have tried, and every one of them has worked for me at least once.
           Not all of these will work at one time, and then work at another. So try them all, at least one of them will work. But if your in a hurry try Fix 5 (Step 5) for the open tray error and fix 6 (step 6) for the double click error because they have worked the best for me the most times.
            Sorry about the pictures, they wouldn't really help so I didn't take them. But any way, let's get started

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Step 1: Fix 1: Blow some air into the disc drive

Picture of Fix 1: Blow some air into the disc drive
This is probably the simplest fix. But has worked for me.
          What you'll want to do is open up your disc drive, (where the disc goes) and blow some air into the space that let's you see into the xbox itself. I think this sometimes works because dust or something gets on the laser that reads the disc, and by blowing some air into the space, you remove that dust.
Sreyo (author) 1 year ago
Click below for a video tutorial!

cchurch19 hours ago

Thanks! My Xbox decided not to read disks tonight and these helped!

windyhen2 days ago

WTF!! it worked!!, 'haps this method should be put in the official XBOX support page. Thanks!!

this did not fudgin help

jaypbuckley21 days ago
Xbox 360 open tray solved below!!
jaypbuckley21 days ago
" Unrecognized disc / open tray " solved!!!
All you do is this;
-when the disc drive close's with the game inside, immediately put weight down on the top of the console with your hand.(directly above the game that is inside ) Hold until you hear it beginning to read the disc, when it starts your good. Your welcome, your welcome. ☆
FlyLo1271 month ago
Cheers guys! I've had 4 Xbox 360s in my time: one failing on me and completely being console banned, another with a broken disk drive and replacing it with a new laser, another with a corrupted system, and this new one that just had some dust on the laser... I would've never thought of that. Just saved me opening up yet another Xbox. Getting sick of 'em, pieces of shit. Only had one PS3 & PS4 and I both got them on arrival. PlayStation RULES!
samcro9063 months ago
My xbox 360 won't read Madden 15. It just says "open tray". I even returned it and exchanged it for another copy of the game and I'm still getting the "open tray". All of my other games still work but neither copy of madden 15 will work. Anyone else have a problem like this?
Yea same here. I just bought GTA V recently WITH NO scratches on it or anything. It doesn't give me the disc read error but when I select the game, it loads for a few sec and then gives me the UNREADABLE DISC ERROR.
Yea same here. I just bought GTA V recently WITH NO scratches on it or anything. It doesn't give me the disc read error but when I select the game, it loads for a few sec and then gives me the UNREADABLE DISC ERROR.
swluke samcro9062 months ago

Read my last comment *swluke*. That will fix your problem.

Wow thank you for these instructions! You just made a 7 year very happy again ! Hasn't worked in days now it does..thanks!

ChanceM12 months ago
I hope you enter the fifth circle of hell and never return
Cheney362 months ago
Omg. This actually worked. I threw a weight on my Xbox and it f***** everything up. This fixed it. Omg thxz a lot
swluke2 months ago

You really have some excellent advice! Thank you. This is how i fixed it. It has ran perfect for 4 years since I did this.

lewisf6 months ago

knocking method worked a treat for me

Friendly tip: The Open Tray Error, Double-Click Error, and Multiple-Click Errors are all a sign of a damaged drive. The problem is that after a while most if not all Xbox 360 Drives tend to get a scratch on the laser. I had my Xbox for two years and then I got this problem. All I did was get my laser replaced and boom! No problems. It's been another 1 and a half years now and still nothing, but I expect to have to replace the laser within the next year. So I recommend only trying to blow air into the drive. If that doesn't work, just get your laser replaced. It cost me only 200 Rand (less than $30) to have it done.

Dude, your one comment has helped me more than all these instructions. Thanks!

Dude, your one comment has helped me more than all these instructions. Thanks!

Sreyo (author)  Hereditary Gamer2 years ago
I actually just did some of these for like a month and I haven't had a problem for like a year. I've had my XBOX for 2 or maybe 3 years and I haven't had to get a new laser.

I also have never used my xbox in the vertical position so yea, i'd recommend keeping it horizontal.
kscott879 months ago

i get to the end of a game and the error pops up disc unreadable... anyone know how to fix this?

sparkyuiop9 months ago

"Open Tray" is not an error, it is what the Xbox displays when there is no disk in the drive or the disk cannot be read! The fault is caused by a failing laser diode and ideally needs to be replaced which is quite simple to do and inexpensive.

You can Poo-Tube it and mess with the variable resistors but it only buys some time if you are successful and is not a permanent fix.

What you are doing is (in effect) cleaning the laser lens and if that is all it is then it will of course work. Certainly it is the first thing to check but all you need is a lightly damp cotton bud and gently give it a few wipes. Don't use cleaning agents or chemicals and don't leave it wet.

mikeysan1 year ago
This method totally worked for me!
I blew some compressed air out of a can into the xbox while the DVD tray was open. Be careful to keep the can upright, otherwise you could discharge liquid into your unit.

I actually used this method to fix the DVD player in my truck as well!

spystealth12 years ago
My friend had this issue with his Xbox 360 Slim (the newer version). I tried realigning the laser rails, calibrating the potentiometer, cleaning the lens, and many of the not so helpful (but occasionally successful) whacking, blowing, shaking methods you suggested. Most of the time, doing all that won't alleviate the problem, but temporarily relieve it. I suggest going to the root of the problem and spend a little time and a few bucks getting a replacement laser (or drive) like I did. After removing the old laser, desoldering the anti-static blob on the new one (very important), and installing it, I was met with fist-pump and DIY point worthy success. :) You can find many tutorials on Youtube detailing installation and taking apart an Xbox.
Sreyo (author) 2 years ago
Just got banned from Live the other day until 12/31/9999.

Note to self, don't mod the avatar skin color...
I usually throw a fit, yell at the machine, unplug/replug and if that doesn't work I hit the thing and it usually works... Not the right way but it works... for now... hahaha
rbrookins3 years ago
Thank You this method worked for us. I just purchased Saints Row the Third for my son and we had a open tray error. Was about to take it to a computer geek, and I tried this first...THANKS AGAIN!! ROBYN N DYLAN
Oh, another thing: Having your Xbox in the vertical standing position is not the best thing for the drive. If you can, try and keep it in the horizontal lying position.