Six Steps for a Salon-Perfect Blowout




Introduction: Six Steps for a Salon-Perfect Blowout Achieving a perfect blowout isn't always easy but if you follow these tips you'll be feeling like you just came from a salon.


1. Wash hair: Use good conditioner and gently towel dry your hair so it is not soaking wet.

2.Protect it: Rub a conditioning balm or other protector through your hair.

3.Section it: Use a clip to separate hair into 2-inch sections.

4.Get the tools: Use a powerful blow dryer (at least 1800 watts) and a good round brush (boar bristle is best).

5.Dry the hair: Use the brush to both pull down a section of hair and roll under as you blow the hair, pointing the nozzle down. Repeat around head.

6. Finish it: Do a final smoothing round with the dryer, style the bangs and add finishing products.

Tip: Treat the brush like a roller in your hair to set nice waves.



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