Introduction: Six Strand Hair Braid Tutorial

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This tutorial shows you how to creat the six strand braid using an easy quick method, perfect for beginners.

Step 1: Seperate Hair Into Two Main Sections

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Brush hair and part in a way that the hair is seperate into two main sections. One section closer to the back, and the other closer to your face.

Step 2: Plait Front Section

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Take the section of hair closest to your face and do a regular plait. Secure with a hair tie.
Gently pull at the plait to loosen the hair so it is thicken than usual.

Step 3: Part Remaining Hair

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Take the remaining back section of hair and part into 3 peices. These pieces should align with the plait, so if you did another plait it was fall into the same position as the front plait.

Step 4: Pull Hair Through Plait

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Take the middle piece of hair from the 3 sections and push it through the middle of the plait shown in the first image.
Take this piece of hair and weave it through various holes in the plait going down the hair.

Take the left piece of hair and add it to the left side of the plait once again weaving it through in even places.

Take the right piece of hair and add it to the right side of the plait and weave it down. Untie the hair tie on the main plait and add the ends of the 3 sections together in one.

Step 5: Loosen Hair

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Pull at the pieces of hair like how you do on the main plait and the 6 stranded braid is complete!

Hope you enjoyed! Any questions feel free to comment and i'll reply or leave a hair tutorial request and i'll get too it!

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PaleHorseRider (author)2014-11-06

If my sister would allow me to actually braid her hair I might do this

Haha do it in her sleep!

She's leaving tomorrow so xD

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