This is how I went about making foam molds for a water feature. At Oregon Institute of technology the Civil engineering department wanted to make a teaching sculpture. The sculpture was built first then when they got more money they expanded the project to include concrete walkways and the water feature. To read more about the project see HERE. To build the concrete sections they hired contractors but to outsource the molds they received quotes of around $4000. We built the molds for much less. We could choose any method we wanted to build the molds and had two terms to build it.

Step 1: Design

We were given 2D AutoCAD drawings of the plaza with several cross sections and just a little description. The files that we started out with were drawn by civil engineers in a style useful for civil engineers with a lot of curved lines and no dimensions. We had to copy out the sections of the drawings useful for us then import them into SolidWorks. We used SolidWorks because FeatureCAM, the NC code program we used, had a plug-in that worked well with SolidWorks not Inventor. The easiest way to import the drawings was to convert the drawings from .DWG to .DXF. After we had the 2D drawing imported into SolidWorks it was easy to accurately create 3D models.
<p>that's a good plan and well done finally .</p><p>thanks for share it</p>
I watched this being built and was wondering what it was. It looks really cool!
interesting project
How is the water feature connected to the concrete block under it? Is it just sitting on top?
it is all one piece and poured at once.
That is really cool! Thanks for posting such great photos! How did you incorporate the pump system?
I did not do that :) it was someone elses job but from my understanding the water in the fountain had a basin in the bottom and when it got low it refilled of the main water line similar to how a toilet refills. then it is just pumped to the waterfall like any other waterfall.
How are you going to clean the water - won't it grow green slime especially if its geothermal? <br> <br>Actually I assumed you're repumping the water up from the bottom - what are you doing with the &quot;waste&quot; water?
Im not sure how that works I figured they used a cleaner simmilar to bleach, and i do think they are using repumping the water
Why didn't you make it 3D in AudoCAD, instead of going through all those iterations?
I have never really got autocad to do 3d things well. I dont think autocad could can do the lofts, and it wasn't integrated with featurecam.
Great project. <br>
thanks everyone, and the project is at the Klamath Falls campus.
I like that volunteer work was used instead of throwing more money at the project.
Me too
This is great, would like to see it. Where is the fountain? ( I live in Portland) <br>
This looks awesome! Nice work.

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