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Originally this was my first gun but i didnt post it because i upgraded it, the latest version is the Skaptor knex bb shooter 2.0
cannot shoot bb bullets
it can shoot bb bullets

Step 1: Handle

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handle is very simple

Step 2: Barrel

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make the barrel

Step 3: Firing Pin

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firing pin

Step 4: Trigger

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Step 5: Put It All 2gether

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put it all 2gether


gomas211 (author)2011-12-02

awesome like it

hero 54123 (author)2010-06-08

if i had some knex and not some crappy lego cross bow i would love to build this. ohh yeah this has a real true trigger

Mad Cat (author)2008-07-22

Begginer gun? Is this just an excuse to get us to accept this...thing?

Skaptor (author)Mad Cat2008-07-23

u don´t even have a gun so don´t bother

kctrooper (author)Skaptor2010-03-06

I think this gun should be a advanced gun thats how great it is

apples!!!!! (author)Mad Cat2008-07-23

didnt work....

Skaptor (author)apples!!!!!2008-08-02

u don´t even have a gun so don´t bother

apples!!!!! (author)Skaptor2008-08-02

Wrong. I don't have one posted. And, as i have said before, i'd rather not post anything, than post something uninventive and well (quite frankly) terrible.

billbobby (author)2009-05-29

can it possibly shoot knex rods?

Skaptor (author)billbobby2009-05-30

Yes of course

sharlston (author)2009-04-26

leave this kid alone its a first gun ps very good gun

Skaptor (author)2008-08-02

u don´t even have a gun so don´t bother

RMConstruction (author)Skaptor2009-02-02

I have a gun. i posted it ageesssssss ago. it's a sniper. slingshot. true trigger. this thing is like the size of one shard of magnesium crystal compared to my sniper!

even though, yours is an ok gun!

100engledude (author)2008-10-16

good gun. even for beginers

Skaptor (author)100engledude2008-10-19


100engledude (author)Skaptor2008-10-19

have u got ne more advanced guns? mabye/tru triger?

Skaptor (author)100engledude2008-10-19

all my guns r tru trigger

100engledude (author)Skaptor2008-10-21

i c. but u shood try using ball and joint peices instead.

knex modder (author)2008-07-24

i like this gun because every ones first gun is a crappy block trigger so 5.0 stars

DJ Radio (author)knex modder2008-09-01

not mine

Skaptor (author)DJ Radio2008-09-01

what do you mean

DJ Radio (author)Skaptor2008-09-01

my first gun was a true trigger

necropolian (author)2008-07-28

you CAN'T begin with this, so beginner gun doesn't makes sense.

Skaptor (author)necropolian2008-07-28

why not?

necropolian (author)Skaptor2008-08-09

because, in a (knex) war, before you get a decent shot, you'll probably be nailed to the wall/ shot multiple times, incapable to do anything, because you are nailed/hurt. though it is a 'suprising' trigger, you'll probably can't do a lot with this. and why do you post your comment two times?

Skaptor (author)necropolian2008-08-17

so if that is the point killerk gun doesn't work

Skaptor (author)necropolian2008-07-28

why not?

gomas211 (author)2008-08-05

good true trigger gun its the best

Skaptor (author)knex modder2008-07-24

thank you

crestind (author)2008-07-24

Who's got the list at hand?

Skaptor (author)crestind2008-07-24

what do you mean?

apples!!!!! (author)2008-07-23


apples!!!!! (author)2008-07-22

the point of this thing is?

Skaptor (author)apples!!!!!2008-07-22

just a gun

Skaptor (author)apples!!!!!2008-07-22

just a begginer gun

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