Picture of Skaptor begginer gun
Originally this was my first gun but i didnt post it because i upgraded it, the latest version is the Skaptor knex bb shooter 2.0
cannot shoot bb bullets
it can shoot bb bullets
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Step 1: Handle

Picture of Handle
handle is very simple

Step 2: Barrel

make the barrel

Step 3: Firing pin

Picture of firing pin
firing pin

Step 4: Trigger

Picture of trigger

Step 5: Put it all 2gether

put it all 2gether
gomas2113 years ago
awesome like it
hero 541234 years ago
if i had some knex and not some crappy lego cross bow i would love to build this. ohh yeah this has a real true trigger
Mad Cat6 years ago
Begginer gun? Is this just an excuse to get us to accept this...thing?
Skaptor (author)  Mad Cat6 years ago
u don´t even have a gun so don´t bother

I think this gun should be a advanced gun thats how great it is
didnt work....
Skaptor (author)  apples!!!!!6 years ago
u don´t even have a gun so don´t bother
Wrong. I don't have one posted. And, as i have said before, i'd rather not post anything, than post something uninventive and well (quite frankly) terrible.
billbobby5 years ago
can it possibly shoot knex rods?
Skaptor (author)  billbobby5 years ago
Yes of course
sharlston5 years ago
leave this kid alone its a first gun ps very good gun
apples!!!!!6 years ago
the point of this thing is?
(removed by author or community request)
Skaptor (author)  silencekilla6 years ago
u don´t even have a gun so don´t bother
I have a gun. i posted it ageesssssss ago. it's a sniper. slingshot. true trigger. this thing is like the size of one shard of magnesium crystal compared to my sniper!
even though, yours is an ok gun!
Skaptor (author)  apples!!!!!6 years ago
just a gun
Skaptor (author)  apples!!!!!6 years ago
just a begginer gun
good gun. even for beginers
Skaptor (author)  100engledude6 years ago
have u got ne more advanced guns? mabye/tru triger?
Skaptor (author)  100engledude6 years ago
all my guns r tru trigger
i c. but u shood try using ball and joint peices instead.
knex modder6 years ago
i like this gun because every ones first gun is a crappy block trigger so 5.0 stars
not mine
Skaptor (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
what do you mean
my first gun was a true trigger
Skaptor (author)  knex modder6 years ago
thank you
necropolian6 years ago
you CAN'T begin with this, so beginner gun doesn't makes sense.
Skaptor (author)  necropolian6 years ago
why not?
because, in a (knex) war, before you get a decent shot, you'll probably be nailed to the wall/ shot multiple times, incapable to do anything, because you are nailed/hurt. though it is a 'suprising' trigger, you'll probably can't do a lot with this. and why do you post your comment two times?
Skaptor (author)  necropolian6 years ago
so if that is the point killerk gun doesn't work
Skaptor (author)  necropolian6 years ago
why not?
gomas2116 years ago
good true trigger gun its the best
crestind6 years ago
Who's got the list at hand?
Skaptor (author)  crestind6 years ago
what do you mean?