SkateBoard Buggy/Ride-On Roller Thingy

Picture of SkateBoard Buggy/Ride-On Roller Thingy
This is a little SkateBoard Buggy/Ride-On Roller Thingy that I decided to make. I had a skateboard that I never used, some plywood and a frisbee. Soon I was building and building. Sorry, i didn't take pictures as i was building it because I didn't know it was going on Instructables. So here it is.

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Step 2: The handle

Now find a piece of wood that is a little shorter than the foot hold, and attach it as shown.

Step 4: How to ride it

Riding it is simple. Sit on the seat (DUH! XD), put your feet on the foot holder, and grab the handles, wrapping your arms around the outside of your legs. Then find a hill and Ride your contraption down. Turning is as simple as Pushing down on the same side arm and leg and leaning. A good tip is to loosen your trucks so you can turn easier. The position looks awkward, but once you try you will realize that it is really easy.


DECORATE IT! I used duct tape, but you can use whatever you want! Eventually I will spray paint the whole thing and replace the wheels and bearings.
This looks like something I built when I was a kid, it was essentially a snow dish bolted to a skate board... I should make some more of those.....
cubyrop3 (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
thats interesting a snow dish sounds like it would work better because you could turn better. also it wouldnt brake as easily as the frisbee (it broke after 2 days of use)
freeza362 years ago
check out my street luge. or look up professional street luge
cubyrop3 (author)  freeza362 years ago
This wasnt supposed to mimic a street luge, nor be a proffesional ride on. this was just for fun
l8nite3 years ago
that does look like it would be a blast to ride, of course you have to live in an area with hills...nicely done
cubyrop3 (author) 3 years ago
Thanks. It literally took less than an hour to make! LOL
Great instructable, I love the simplicity of the design!