Picture of Skateboard Bookshelf
The skateboard bookshelf can be made from new or old skateboard decks. With just a bit of time you can have a neat adjustable-height bookcase that will make your friends envious.

Perfect for the dorm or as a holiday present for your favorite skater.

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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
for this project you will need:
2 threaded rods
16 bolts
16 washers
2 L shelf brackets
drill or right angle driver (we used a Craftsman RAID)
2 skateboards

Step 2: Drill the Skateboard

Picture of Drill the Skateboard
Our threaded rods were a bit big for the skateboard truck holes so we expanded the holes with our RAID driver.

Step 3: Put nuts on the rods

Picture of Put nuts on the rods
First put nuts about 4 inches up. Put a washer on each one.

Step 4: Put into skateboard

Picture of Put into skateboard
Put the rod through the first skateboard, and then put another nut on the opposite side.  Make sure the rods are even and tighten down.

Step 5: Put on 2nd skateboard

Picture of Put on 2nd skateboard
Screw on 4 more nuts to the other side and slide the skateboard onto that side. Go about 7 inches down.

And again, tighten down the bolts.

Step 6: Attach L Brackets

Picture of Attach L Brackets
Next you want to attach the L brackets to the bottom of the top deck.  A drill isn't likely to fit between the decks; this is the real reason we used the right angle driver.

Step 7: Attach to wall

Picture of Attach to wall
Finally, attach it to the wall and fill it with your favorite books!  Show off the art on the bottom of your old skateboard decks, and bask in the admiration of your friends.

If you need to adjust the bookshelf height, just move the bolts, slide the deck, and retighten in the new position.

onrust2 years ago
This rocks! I like how the all thread works as book ends.
mrElliot2 years ago
This is awsome I am so doing this when my house is finished
Loopstyle3 years ago
Green green green!! Loved this idea! Please visit and share some of your work!!

"211 Things a Bright Boy Can Do" is a great book. Almost forbidden knowledge for kids with a touch of British humor (humour).
21alexp4 years ago
Poor boards :( i need one and people are making book shelves out of them D: nice project though...
-Jess-4 years ago
dude, totaly PWN-age!
but i agree with "Tinworm", the bracket totaly looks out of place.
Tinworm4 years ago
I think it is an inspiring and inspired project.

One bit I don't like though, and which I think could be easily improved upon, is the bracket - which looks out of place.

Me, I'd screw a fixture (maybe an eyebolt or similar) down on to the top of each threaded rod and hang the shelves from the ceiling (joists) using steel cable (aesthetically appropriate, but you could use rope etc)....

having them hanging makes them move...dynamic....somehow in keeping with the theme
can a girl be a skater?
dude, heck ya!
anyone can be a skater. =D
Hows about leaving the axles on the boards and making a floating shelf using 10 or 12mm threaded bar attached to the side that meets the wall. Obviously you either need the threaded bar to go into a masonry wall or into wall studs.

Just my 2p worth
Ooh. Do it!
Just a question/observation, wouldn't the fact that 'new-school' skate boards aren't flat at all (curved at both ends, as well as along both the sides) make them pretty annoying as selves? Also would it be an idea to get boards without the giptake? (When buying a board from a skate shop they normally come without the griptake stuck on) I'd imagine the roughness of the griptake would be good for stop things coming off the shelves but would destroy things like books if used alot on the shelf as it's pretty much sandpaper. I do like the idea of using them as shelves but I would have gone the ol' skool boards and no grippy stuff.
the point of this is more to reuse boards i think and personally i love the look of old thrashed boards in my room, bring back memories of scars
canida newb4 years ago
Those are good observations and we wondered the same things but we've been using it at HQ for a little bit now and none of it has been an issue. It's one of the more solid DIY bookshelves you'll find.

There's always room for improvement though. So post your version and we'll compare notes!
sarchor4 years ago
fun, but very match
very match?
angelabchua4 years ago
i love love love this shelf.... for one, it looks rad, AND its a skateboard that won't leave me flat on my butt with a bruised tailbone.
Browncoat4 years ago
Great idea!
bertus52x114 years ago
I like this very much! Great idea!