Picture of Skateboard Shelf
Hi all

In this instructable I will show you how to make a simple yet eye catching skateboard book shelf.
I made my skateboard shelf because I did not see one in any stores and so decided to make one myself.
I did notice that someone allready posted how to make a skateboard bookshelf and though I would add my shelf to the instructable for anyone interested.
Hope you enjoy
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Step 1: Tools + Materials

Picture of Tools + Materials
screw driver
drill bits

skateboard (any skateboard will do used or new)
ikea shelf arms

Step 2: Screw the board to the shelf arm

Picture of Screw the board to the shelf arm
Simply use a small screw to screw the board to the shelf arm.
+I used a screw smaller than the hole on the board to avoid damage in case I wanted to use to board for skateboarding later.
+I did not drill holes in the shelf arm just used force to screw in the screw
+I used the further hole from which the wall would be facing, I only used one screw to screw in each arm.

Step 3: Attaching the shelf to the wall

Picture of Attaching the shelf to the wall
I found that this step is the hardest and took me the most amount of time.
I used the shelf along with a level to mark the where the holes will be.
After that I drilled the holes with my drill
And lastly attached the shelf to the wall using screws

*I did a bad job the first time and dident drill the holes in the right place try to avoid this :)


where did u get the helmate, and it is soooooooo cool!