Step 3: Saw

Picture of Saw
Cut your 2 x 6s to length. I had the guys at the lumberyard cut the boards into 24" segments, then I cut them to size in the shop. (Perfect for the urban woodworking enthusiast; portable, easy, and you get to watch the giant saw at the lumberyard in operation.)

The length of the radial portions on the top of the table base may vary. Customize it to your space. (I made my table a little smaller than the original by shortening the radial boards from 20" to 18".) Just make sure each board end is absolutely square by trimming the last inch or so from each side of the 2 x 6 prior to working with them. Not every cut at the mill or the lumberyard is going to be to your specs. Here's what I did for a 36" diameter table:
  • Radial boards for the top of the base: 18"
  • Leg boards: 14"
That should be it. Check that everything is square and the proper length before you move on. Making exacting cuts only to discover that the end of your board isn't square feels terrible.