Skateboard Trick: CandyShop

video Skateboard Trick: CandyShop
 I short video explaining how to do the skateboarding trick CandyShop.

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Shane H2 years ago
I've been skating since I was 9years old, I've always known this as a Mexican flip due to its simplicity and how little skill is involved
sk8rforlife3 years ago
thats a cigarette flip
ampreker4 years ago
that's not the name of the trick
its called a "Dirty Mexican"
geekazoid (author)  ampreker4 years ago
 Hi Ampreker,
First of all: Doesn't that sound a bit racist.
Second: Many tricks have different names, so maybe that's the name you go by, but it's not the only.

LukowStudios Geekazoid
yea i know its racist but my friend taught me that trick 5 years ago and he said it was called the dirty mexican

idk i see what u mean but ive always known it as a dirty mexican
lol dirty mexican... thats pretty damn funny! :)
anibioman3 years ago
thats a casper
no it's not. a casper is when you slide across the cement on your tail/nose with one foot on the tail/nose and one foot under the board to ballance.
geekazoid (author)  anibioman3 years ago
See my reply to ampreker below.
bobby24683 years ago
I have the same board. Black label is good. Not the best, but are really good.
zeppelin6824 years ago
its definitely called a cigarette flip
That's what I found out it was. Look up on youtube "how to cigarette flip." It has examples of how to do it stationary or while moving. 

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