I work between two worlds:

One is the awesome crazy fun place known as Instructables.
The other is the super fancy officey Autodesk.

They are both super cool, but definitely different climates. Managing a wardrobe between the two worlds is tricky.

I'm wanting to skateboard to work and still look fly at both places. So here's my idea of a convertible skirt to bridge the divide!

Step 1: Edit them contest flats

Picture of edit them contest flats
I'm lazy! I want instant gratification! I'm going to take the provided contest flats and edit them. You can download them here!

I'm going to use the symmetry tool to make this fast. I only have to draw one side when I use symmetry!
Click on the Y button, or, press this button on the toolbar:

First, I'll make a new layer on top of the contest flats. Click the + button on the layer editor.

On this new layer I'll put down a bunch of white using the paintbrush tool at full opacity. I'm gonna cover up the pants part of the pants, but keep the top!

Then I'll make a second layer, and sketch out my skirt idea. I'll connect my sketch with the lineart on top, using a pencil brush in black. I'm not too worried about making it look nice. I'm just trying to figure out my idea first!

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HollyMann1 year ago
This looks so cute! :)
I'd like to see this skirt with someone wearing it! It's a very nice design and could definitely be used for everyday people!
coco4ever1 year ago
I love this! I want to go to a graphic design school when I am older, you are such and inspiration!
That is the cutest! I love the design and the color is perfect!
yay thank you!!
The more I see it, the more I just want it :)
craftyv1 year ago
My son has been a skateboarder for over 30 yrs. and still rides every day usually to and from the bus stop. I showed him your ides and he was impressed. Personaly I didn't get it. Good luck.
ReneediCherri (author)  craftyv1 year ago
Haha! Thank you for showing them to him ! :]
Meep! I saw this from the app and was so pleased with your design! I would wear the buh-jeebus out of this skirt.
ReneediCherri (author)  audreyobscura1 year ago
I love it! This skirt makes me want to skateboard! :) I hope they make this, I'd totally buy it!
ReneediCherri (author)  doodlecraft1 year ago
Skateboard anyway!!! I just started and it's super fun.