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Here is a instructable on how to make your very own skaters handle. this camera handle is great for mounting your camera on and getting those awesome low to the ground shots.

Here is TeacherOfTheWays skating, he is being filmed with the new camera handle!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials

-Allen wrench
-scooter handle
-bicycle wall mount
-tripod screw

Step 2: Prepare the Handle

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-get a hammer and flatten about two inches past the first hole(or however big your camera is)
-one flattened remove the yellow cap from other end

Step 3: Attach Handle

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- get the scooter handle and measure where to drill
- once the correct correct spot is found then use the correct size bit to drill the hole in your bike mount
- you can put some electrical tape around the scooter handle to make it more secure
- then attach your scooter handle

-then insert the bolt into the bottom of your bike mount


Picture of YOUR DONE

- attach your camera onto the screw making sure to make it secure

- have fun making videos!!!!!!


maxenator (author)2009-04-04

how does the screw attach on to the camera??

dbeschizza (author)maxenator2011-10-15

The Hot Shoe at the bottom of it

thatjawn (author)2008-01-05

It's been done already, by me.
Try searching next time.
My camera handel

thalemonman (author)thatjawn2009-03-13

yeah, but yours is ugly, his actually looks cool

BMWalsh (author)thatjawn2008-03-29

Your camra handle isn't the same as his... Azn Hitman's camra handle has a little bit more length to it so you don't have to bend down as much. Nice job Azn Hitman.

Skat343ver (author)BMWalsh2008-05-18

brandon matthew walsh?

theRIAA (author)thatjawn2008-01-05

this one looks nicer

thatjawn (author)theRIAA2008-01-05

Which one mine or his?

theRIAA (author)thatjawn2008-01-05

this one

Azn Hitman (author)theRIAA2008-01-06


pdub77 (author)Azn Hitman2008-02-03

i agree. i like yours much better. no offense, thatjawn.

Azn Hitman (author)pdub772008-03-27

thanks alot!!!!!

flesheater (author)thatjawn2008-01-15

dude there are doubles of every thing on this site.

i know that it has already been done by you, but we just added another similar version.

cbrown222 (author)2009-03-08

idk if this would work but if you found a bolt with the same size thread as the camera tripod hole on the bottom of the camera and then just put that through the hole. i dont know how to explain it but yea

mmdgirard (author)2008-11-27

who cares if its posted already. especially with something like this, its nice to take the best ideas from both. props on this one

somerockenguy (author)2008-10-19

ok just found a fish eye for my cam and not im going to make one of these. almost winter i guess it will be used for snowboarding

somerockenguy (author)2008-07-16

hasen't this idea been posted befor?

Azn Hitman (author)somerockenguy2008-08-24

yeah but this one is better. and different

rotinaj (author)2008-07-02

Bending the handle up so it's at about 45 degrees would make it perfect for BMX riders.

Azn Hitman (author)rotinaj2008-07-04

try it!!!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-01-05

Hey man, nice job, I like it, I'll probably try it out but a different way for my Flip Video camera that I can't seem to find..

Azn Hitman (author)GorillazMiko2008-03-27

you could try using some type of mirror or something like that??

Shifrin (author)2008-01-05

This is pretty cool!

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