Skating Set of Clothes for the American Girl Doll





Introduction: Skating Set of Clothes for the American Girl Doll

My granddaughter received an American Girl doll for Christmas, and wanted - no NEEDED - clothes for her "Allison". This set was made with Lion Brand yarn (Vanna's Choice). I would not change anything - the yarn was easy to work with and the results everything I had hoped for. The pattern came from a Bernat pattern book that had pattern for doll and girl. My next project is a complete set for my granddaughter. I have only to finish the sweater and she will have a matching outfit.



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    That's really cute! How do you make it?! :)

    I love your work! I think I saw some other doll clothes you made on Webshots. I wonder if you could contact me. My email is Thank you

    That must be very tiring work. I love how nicely you knit everything!

    I love the sweater! Your granddaughter will love the matched set. You've clearly been busy- I hope they appreciate all of your work!