Skeleton Glow/Cosmic Bowling Trophies

Picture of Skeleton Glow/Cosmic Bowling Trophies
I made it at TechShop

We decided to make unique trophies for the Nightmare Cruisers Hearse Club annual Ghoul (Glow) Bowling outing.


Plastic skeletons
1/4" Acrylic sheet
Hot glue
Spray paint
Painter's tape (optional)

Tools (all available at TechShop)

Epilog 60w laser etcher/cutter
Coreldraw software
Plastic welder
Diagonal cutter or scissors
Hot glue gun
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Step 1: Get your donor skeleton

Picture of Get your donor skeleton
We started with a skeleton garland, purchased at the dollar store. Not a bad deal... 4 skeletons for a buck.

And the heads pulled right off, which we will use for the bowling ball!

Step 2: Positioning the skeleton

Picture of Positioning the skeleton
Using a Plastic Welder (which is nothing more than a heat gun with a very small nozzle) we heated the joints we wanted to move. Once the joint was soft, we simply removed the heat, positioned the limb where we wanted, and held it in place for 30-60 seconds while it cooled. Because the skeleton is made from thermoset plastic, it holds its shape when cool.

Using a photo of a traditional trophy top as a guide, we continued until all the joints were in the desired positions. Because the hip joints were movable in the original piece, we had to actually weld the joints in place.

Tip: taping the feet down to your work surface will help when positioning.

Step 3: Adding the ball (skull)

Picture of Adding the ball (skull)
With just a dab of hot glue, the skull was attached to the hand to create the ball. We also clipped off the barb at the top of the neck where the skull was attached with a diagonal cutter.

Step 4: Painting the figure

Picture of Painting the figure
We wanted to give the skeletons some "depth", so we painted them with a base coat of flat black spray paint. 

Using a hot glue gun, we attached the skeletons to a scrap piece of wood, so that they would stand up. This allowed us to paint them from the top and sides with fluorescent spray paint, leaving the undersides black. 
myrrhmaid9 months ago

This is so neat! I wonder if you could put the fingers in the eye holes? I want to make a skating version! Thanks for the inspiration!

lime3D (author)  myrrhmaid9 months ago
Maybe. I glued it on the way I did so it was easy to see that it was a skull, and not a ball.

For the skating trophy, try gluing it to a piece of mirror.

So creative, I like it

Wizbit1 year ago
Very nice!