Skeleton Glow/Cosmic Bowling Trophies

Picture of Skeleton Glow/Cosmic Bowling Trophies
I made it at TechShop

We decided to make unique trophies for the Nightmare Cruisers Hearse Club annual Ghoul (Glow) Bowling outing.


Plastic skeletons
1/4" Acrylic sheet
Hot glue
Spray paint
Painter's tape (optional)

Tools (all available at TechShop)

Epilog 60w laser etcher/cutter
Coreldraw software
Plastic welder
Diagonal cutter or scissors
Hot glue gun

Step 1: Get your donor skeleton

Picture of Get your donor skeleton
We started with a skeleton garland, purchased at the dollar store. Not a bad deal... 4 skeletons for a buck.

And the heads pulled right off, which we will use for the bowling ball!
myrrhmaid10 months ago

This is so neat! I wonder if you could put the fingers in the eye holes? I want to make a skating version! Thanks for the inspiration!

lime3D (author)  myrrhmaid10 months ago
Maybe. I glued it on the way I did so it was easy to see that it was a skull, and not a ball.

For the skating trophy, try gluing it to a piece of mirror.

So creative, I like it

Wizbit1 year ago
Very nice!