Skeleton Halloween Makeup





Introduction: Skeleton Halloween Makeup

This is how I went about doing my skeleton makeup for myself and my boyfriend as well. Same steps apply for the guys version, just a different neck. 
He bought coloured contacts which really added to his look, They are about 50$ depending on where you go. 

Step 1: Steps

Each step of how I did my make up
Outlines (in regular eye liner) , White halloween make up (from value village around halloween time) - applied with a make up sponge, then black halloween make up (also from value village) I went back and touched up the black jaw and teeth lines with a liquid eye liner and added the cracks with liquid eye liner, (if you don't do it in this order the white will get all muddy if theres already a lot of black paint)

Step 2: Neck Details

This is how I did the guys style neck 

Step 3: Clothing

Suit and tie for the guy, 
corset [ebay], skirt [walmart], pantyhose [winners], flower [michaels] for girl

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    Niceeeee!! :)

    Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween costume contest! Can’t wait to see if you win good luck!

    Amazing! I've always wanted an excuse to try this kind of makeup on myself. How long did it take to apply it?

    1 reply

    for me it took about 5 hours, a lot of messing up in the mirror and wiping to fix lines and make it even. (and a lot of trying to prep for our halloween party!) But applying the makeup on my boy was a lot easier, probably got it out in 2 hours.

    DEATH DO U PART!Nice job.!!.

    check out mine what u think? I made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)

    LOVE! Thank you! Now I know what I'll be!

    "pantie hoes"!!!!

    I really really like this!

    I really really like this!

    although both faces are really well done I like the neck/chest piece the best

    1 reply

    Thanks! I would have loved to have spent more time on it, its pretty tricky in a mirror!

    I swear I know you from somewhere, but uh, this is an awesome makeup that I may have to try

    This is Bad to the bone! Great job!

    Awesome, stuff been keen on day of the the dead. Love the neck stuff

    1 reply

    Appreciate the comment :)

    This looks wonderful and a great how-to! Nicely done!!

    1 reply

    Thanks so much!