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This is my first instructable, and i only had one of one of the supplies so remaking one for the site was a bit hard. anyways just rate and keep negitive feedback to yourself, also to prevent questions, the ammo is anything that fitsin the barrel.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Bendy Straw (yes, it matters if u like precision)
Skewers(5 or 6)
Duct Tape
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99jwindsor3 months ago

Nice work.

Its called a clothesplin not a paperclip................
no one said that it cannot be used as a paper clip, in fact when i run out of paper clips, then a clothes peg is the next best thing which are abundant in my laundry room
knuckel5 years ago
 i like the hole concept of this instructabule and you preformed it quite well, i will be sure to make this one!
butters87547 years ago
cool post man. I made one! It works well, awesome range,only problem is the skewer curves alot.....anyway nice post and the instructions were very easy to follow butters8754
 Just put a tiny amount of tape as fins at the back portion of your ammo, it works! I tried it with skewers and it still works!
jj32x5 years ago
nice instructable. i just made this and then accidently shot my self in the hand XD quite a bit more powerful than i imagined it would be (and a bit more blood than i imagined). great work
mnm41236 years ago
great instructable. nice weapon just to have.
i agree with mynameischeese. its on step 6
Capt. Kidd6 years ago
get a giant block of wood as a stock and custom-carve it to your size.
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mark A
daman386 years ago
I made one, it doesn't fire fire very far but it is such a cool Instructable
SaberSaver6 years ago
Mine sucks. :-(
gsalehotr6 years ago
thank you so much i did it for a school project they loved it
Draxis6 years ago
cool, I gotta try this, you think chopsticks would work better or worse than skewers? Btw- the first few pics show electric tape, than you switch to duct and than back again to electric XD. Is any one of the two better? or does it not matter on the tape?
They both work fine.Chopsticks would work better than skewers,actually.
Draxis Draxis6 years ago
And you may want to add a disclaimer, this thing looks potentially dangerous, just letting you know ; )
Draxis Draxis6 years ago
Never mind on the first post, I made one with electrical tape and chopsticks, and it is INSANE!!!! I posted a how-to for some darts I made that fly super straight and work perfectly for this, so be on the lookout (there's a link here, but I don't know if it has been approved by an admin yet ; ) ---> http://www.instructables.com/id/Skewer_Crossbow_BoltsDarts/

Great Instructable, simply amazing!!
Hey good instructable. You could maybe use epoxy resin and string to secure the skewers together, and us a bic pen instead of a straw, apart from that, good construction of the crossbow.
i just made one . i have a noodle in my room that i shot with a skewer. it went through it!!!
oooook so y did u call him a loser if u think his idea is kool?
Beep41 (author)  zach9117 years ago
i think he was calling tough224 a loser
AznPanda7 years ago
Get better pictures.... cant understand at all....
adamthiede7 years ago
Fire and water damage? Servpro: Like it never even happened. P.S. I don't work for them. I'm mocking them.
jakesllama7 years ago
to prevent the rubber band from wearing out i used a small piece of wire and tied it to the middle to form a loop for the catch
ericm2478 years ago
o ok
ericm2478 years ago
u shold show how it works on youtube.com
Beep41 (author)  ericm2478 years ago
i would but im in the process of moving and my cuurent camrea broke so i need to buy a new one too.
joebloggs278 years ago
great instructable. When I fired mine it punched through a tin can at 10 feet. Nice one
hello??! you need to make it more clear in your explanation. duhh!!
i made one with 14 chopsticks
Beep41 (author)  gillonator488 years ago
if u read the intro i said this was my first instructable
bowmaster8 years ago
I made mine with chopsticks and the first time I shot it it ammo went in to the wall and out the other side!!!
Beep41 (author)  bowmaster8 years ago
what ammo did u use/make?
I used a dowel 1/4 inch thick and 1 foot long with a 3 inch long nail at the end (sharpen the nail) with very small cardboard fins and a nock the end poked out a bout 4 inches I shot at a range of 5 feet
i am sooooo gunna make one i cant wait to shoot my friends!!!jk maybe
pmac938 years ago
Nice job. Also check out my instructable, Popsicle Stick Crossbow for a more powerful crossbow that shoots 70 - 100 feet depending on what rubberband you use.
Beep41 (author)  pmac938 years ago
urs actualy inspired me (along with the pen crossbow) cuz i had no popsicle sticks, so i thought to make my own crossbow.
NICE! It did take me a little while to understand but it is awesome! It goes nicely into drywall...
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