Picture of Skewer Gun
Quick and easy skewer shooter. Shoots a skewer 75ft accuratlly!

Dont criticise me to harshly 'cause i am only 12 and this is my first instructable


Picture of MATERIALS
-rubber band
-Toy animal grabber thing
CJS90013 months ago

Poor whale

baba43 years ago
what can i use instead of grabber thing
dim20 baba43 years ago
large non-breaking straw or a pen
sharlston6 years ago
this cant shoot 75 feet i made 14 of these and they just shhot to the bottom of my 10 yard garden
then u suck at makign them ive made this a couple times but using a pen instead of animal grabber and ive shto them 80 ft
hungyhipo 25 years ago
dude bad idea some dude might impale their sister
And thats the idea.
is the accuracy and strength good? overall i say its a good instructable very simple.
IAE8 years ago
Why do you have to put the rubber band on???
sharlston IAE6 years ago
der so u pull the band back with the skewer
nsaltz94 (author)  IAE8 years ago
to shoot the skewer you rest the rubberband on the skewer and pull back
aiden120000 IAE8 years ago
think about how you will fire it without the band
Paul2Kim6 years ago
Is this safe for your bb gun?
no if you want to shoot skewers from your bb gun load it and put a skewer in the end
UltraMagnus7 years ago
ya know.... joining an archery club would probably be much more fun..... and most will let anyone over 10 join. the cost of the equipment can be a little steep (around a total of £300) , but you may be able to get your parents to atleast partly pay for it since it could be thought of as "extra curricula"
you dont seem to understand - the point of all of this is DIY. that stands for Do It Yourself. of course theres a better solution, but this is just another awesome DIY project for having fun with. plus, not everyone wants to pay 300 bucks when they could just make one of these and have a ton of fun.
you could also attach 2 black metal binder clips one on top of the other so they grip the tube tightly and then string the rubberband on 2 of the legs of the top binder clip. the rubberband is gonna be tough to draw, though.I made a plunger and then bent a paperclip to hold the rubberband to the hollow tube(plunger).
lol yeah
cool!7 years ago
NICE!!! I made one (With a small rubber band and a mechanical pencil) in school (don't worry, got permission. My teachers are nice.) I made a more powerful one at home. very accurate. +1!
zonemad96 cool!6 years ago
permission lol thats funny
flips302407 years ago
dude!!!! using YOUR skewer gun i shot through an axe can and it BLEW UP after it LUANCHED into my wall and made a big hole!!!!!!! sweet!!!!!!!
lol sick. I must go try this now.
Zetheros7 years ago
add some paper fins in the back of the skewer, maybe it'll fly better.
flips302407 years ago
I made sumthin just like it except i used a stronger rubberband and used a handle from one of those old fashioned wire cheese cutters. i shot mine into the wall and i had to break the skewer cause it wouldnt come off!! Great instreuctable!!!!!!!!!!
Haza7 years ago
Using a toilet rool tube with a ballon worx and cut the top off a bottle and put a ballon on it fires anything that fits in it.\
Haza7 years ago
Nice one i posted a very similiar thing made from apaper binder clip that shoots skewers through cardboard and into wood! Yours iz gd!
hunter cd7 years ago
add a laser pen for more accuracy
Why don't you just use a straw? Or a mechanical pencil? It's just, the animal grabber things are like five bucks here. So I wouldn't want to wreck one.
you could use those toy arrows frm those toy bows that u can get from the 99c store just cut the front off and yank the back off and there ya go
Hmmm... ya, that would work. And then you could use the bow to shoot proper arrows...
paper arrows?
nsaltz94 (author)  threecheersfornick8 years ago
i used an animal grabber thing cause it wa all i had around that was long enough
engineer_018 years ago
You can also shoot pencils with this.
THIS IS SWEET, i rly needed this. A simple mod is to attach the skewer to the rubber band and then ad something to the other end, making a plunger of sorts, then you can shoot anything, including skewers, BBs or nething that'll fit in the tube.
BonoGlasses8 years ago
hell yeah born in 94
I modified it withmechanical pencils and sharper skewers. i accidentaly shot myself!! it really hurt!!! i HAD TO GO TO THE ER!!
Denial948 years ago
Hi it me dsamuel
dezire8 years ago
Oww!! If you mod. the skewer and add a metal pin to the flat side of it..it can hurt. It shot through my drywall and out the other side. Nice job overall. ~DEZIRE @(>_<)@