Picture of Skewer ammo for your BB gun
this is a simple instructable on how to make ammo for your bb gun

Step 1: Wrapping

Picture of wrapping
take about 1 and 1/2 inch of masking tape and wrap it around the middle of the skewer
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I tested it with my ak. It goes quite well. Thank you.

JuriusV2 years ago
I have skewer ammo as well but its a metal skewer and it fire and penetrate well. to shoot it i use my homemade airsoft gun
Hawaii000007 years ago
I love my bb gun
i have a Daisy powerline (i think its a powerline 1000, but it might be a 1200
me too. :-)
i have a Red Rider
Me to.
I have a modified Crosman 760 and Gamo Shadow Express.
How did you mod it?
I replaced the smoothbore barrel with a rifled one from a Powermaster 66, made a shroud for the barrel so it would fit properly, and replaced the compression chamber with the one from the same Powermaster 66 because an o-ring on the stock compression chamber was worn out. It was worn out because I inherited it from my grandfather who hadn't used it in 20 years. he also never maintained it. I further customized it by making wooden handles and gave it a centerpoint 4x32 scope.
LiftAndLove4 years ago
lol i did this a cuople times before i even heard about this instructable. i shot a can,
a bird, and my friend Valerie(well almost)
zupyo224 years ago
yeah i thought that it would be better if you used a blow dart gun dart rapped it in tape and shoved it down the barrel buried it 1/2 of an inch into a 2by4 so deadly
supersith226 years ago
Using the Red Ryder like you were, I found bamboo sparklers to fit nicely in the end of the barrel. I used that to light a huge gas bonfire it was awesome. i'll post a youtube link when I upload it
when u gonna post it cuz i wanna c!!!!
 Wow I completely forgot about this =P

I should re-title the video, "How to make Al Gore cry"
bombmaker25 years ago

I made a couple hundred of these with my friend and I shot a rabbit with 2 of them. The first one went clean through and PINNED it to the ground then second one finished it off.

same daisy as I used to have by the looks of things, except I got adventurous and swapped the spring for a far more powerful one, try blowing a beer bottle apart at 400 feet, the pellet went through the bottle and was stuck to the shipping container behind it flat (the actual BB was flattened) I don't have any idea what the srping was from but it was the exact same size as the original but really hard to compress. It really helped with rod ammo like this because it's so much heavier, made 200 feet range with rod quite accurate.
sounds b a
Geemo56 years ago
lol i have a bb pistol i got 4 my b'day and i opened it up and stretched th spring it leaves a mean mark and metal slugs draw blood at close range lol
what are metal slugs?
like metal cylinder things with a point at the end.like air rifle bullets
yeah its called pellets....
You mean pellets?
oh you mean them things in shotgun shells?
how ya make em?
i have a 1000 fps pelet gun and had found skewers that nearly fit it but was unsure how to how to mod them that would still be safe for the barrel had thought about dipping them in wax to make the seal better but am not willing to subject my good gun to that kind of abuse
Beeman sells felt cleaning pellets that you load 2 at a time. They're basically compressed cotton. DO NOT use wax; you will f up your gun. I'd try some sort of cotton tip for the skewer making it look like a one sided q tip. A blow gun dart in other words.
it works but u need to clean your barrel after a while
yomwack6 years ago
does the daisy leh-ver not lee-ver action use are or i know it pumps like a spring on the inside whats hitting the projectile(skewer)
finnster6 years ago
What's the point of this instructable? Doesn't everyone know how to ram a skewer down the barrel of a Red Ryder?
unominame6 years ago
try using tooth picks in your bbgun but like the maker of this instructable, use tape at the top, but... DONT USE DUCT TAPE! it will get stuck in the barrel.
i have a daisy model 105 buck its really nice.
I have a pump gun that can hit a max of 1250 fps so I use small pieces of metal coat hanger= VERY VERY DEADLY. I put it through 2 in of plywood and got lodged 1/4 in the tree behind it. very fun.
EnigmaMax6 years ago
they seem to drift in a random direction in mid air.
jamminnate88 years ago
Sounds Lethal
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