You just spent a rewarding day on the digital slopes playing the PC classic Ski Free. You hit a bunch of sweet rainbow jumps, barely crashed into any trees or rocks, and you and your arrow keys are about to enjoy a well-deserved aprés-ski. Wait...What’s that? It’s coming straight for you, and it looks hunnnngry! 
It's the Ski Free Yeti! There's no escape!

If you spent a little too much time playing free Windows games (whether as a youth or employee), you’ll recognize this little guy. Though I call the monster in this game a yeti, the Official Ski Free website calls him the Abominable Snow Monster. 

Here's what I used to make mine:

  • scissors
  • wire strippers
  • hot glue gun
  • sewing needle
  • marker
  • hobby knife

  • grey felt
  • solid core electrical wire
  • round shoe laces
  • red + yellow + black thread
  • scrap fabric
  • batting

*animated gif source

Step 1: Sketch + Cut, Sew

Using images found online I sketched out the rough shape of the body and head of the monster on grey felt. If your fabric is asymmetrical then sketch on the opposite side of the desired surface. Being a low-res, 2-cell animation some areas were left to interpretation. In one animation cell the top of its head looks to me like there are horns, but in the other animation cell it's maybe just his eyebrows. I liked the idea of small horns, so I added them in my sketch.

I first sketched the size and proportions I wanted, then sketched an offset of about 5mm (1/4"). The shapes were then cut out along the offset. This offset will be where we sew the two halves together.

Once cut, sew along the outline of your sketch. You do not have to be careful with your sewing, lumpy spots add to the character of this low-res monster. Remember to leave a 12mm (1/2") portion open at the end of your sewing, this will be where we turn the monster inside out and hide the stitching. One sewn, turn the monster right-side out and set aside.
YESSS!!! <br> <br>this is amazing! <br>well done! <br>chips challenge anyone?!
I <strike>despise</strike>&nbsp;<em>miss </em>Chip's Challenge.
Hahaha! Great. I was scrolling through the Instructables then my memory just clicked. He always ate me :( everytime, but somehow I still played it. Time to get out the needles.
this is awesome!!!!
WOW! <br>Very nice! <br>I want one!
Thanks for the reminder of SkiFree. I followed the link to the official website and now proudly have a copy of it once again. <br>I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the night!
Ski free rules!!! :D <br>Thanks for this tutorial, I love it.
This is unbelievably awesome. You could do a whole set of these. The skier, the little dog that poops when you run over him, etc. <br>Did you ever play Rodent's Revenge? That was my game. <br> <br>Oh and by the way, I'm pretty sure Yeti and Abomidable Snowman are often used interchangeably, so I think you're good.
rodents revenge was amazingg!! <br>
Back in the mid 90s I hacked Ski Free with a few tools from Borland Delphi. I changed the animation so that the yeti... well... he violated the skier. It was pretty widely distributed among Eastern to South-Eastern US states. I'd love to get a copy of it if anyone has it.
Love this!
Wahoo! Nicely done!
...that one time I found the 'F' key , I thought my life was complete.
* '<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Giant-Fn-Computer-Key-StoolChair/" rel="nofollow">Fn</a>'
Eeeeeeee! He's so cute. :D
Gah, I hate the stupid yeti! Always ruining my good times!
<sup><sub><font size="1">(Excellent likeness, by the way!)</font></sub></sup>
Now I understand why I'm <strong>FOLLOWING</strong>&nbsp; you&nbsp; <strong>;-)</strong><br> <br> A
I adore the mouth, so super cute! I have never played this game, but now I have to check it out, nice job!
Love it! He looks perfect.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Oh, all the heart attacks this guy caused me. The memories...
Is this creature native to your Canadian homeland?
This brings back memories. <br>Love it!
:) <br>Thanks for the reminder of my childhood.

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