As my snowboarding trip approaches, I find myself checking Utah Snowbird's snowcam (http://www.snowbird.com/snowcam.html) a few times a day, wishing for more snow to accumulate on my favorite ski resort.

So as a fun mini-project I decided to create my own Snowbird Desk Snow Meter! The Meter displays the snow accumulated in the past 24 hours and it gets updated hourly.

As a bonus feature I setup a Twilio phone line to call and get my personalized Snowbird snow report. Click Play below to hear what I get when I call my twilio number.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Futaba S3003 Standard Size Servo.jpg
Here is my list of materials:
nice, although for us here in SLC its easier to look out the window...
That is when we can even see the mtns. :P
noelportugal (author)  bassman76jazz4 years ago
I'm jealous!