Picture of Ski Resort Desk Snow Meter (Snowbird)

As my snowboarding trip approaches, I find myself checking Utah Snowbird's snowcam (http://www.snowbird.com/snowcam.html) a few times a day, wishing for more snow to accumulate on my favorite ski resort.

So as a fun mini-project I decided to create my own Snowbird Desk Snow Meter! The Meter displays the snow accumulated in the past 24 hours and it gets updated hourly.

As a bonus feature I setup a Twilio phone line to call and get my personalized Snowbird snow report. Click Play below to hear what I get when I call my twilio number.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Futaba S3003 Standard Size Servo.jpg
Here is my list of materials:

Step 2: Building the Meter

Picture of Building the Meter
I based my design as close as I could to the actual snow measurement device that snowbird uses (http://www.snowbird.com/snowcam.html).

I got a logo of the resort from the site and printed it on regular paper. Then I cut out the "wings" out of colored paper.  I put everything together using double sided tape.

The tricky part was building the level. I kept thinking it would have been easier to use a regular circular meter, but this would make my project look different from what I wanted. I used some toy parts to create a level system that is actuated by the servo motor. Check the pictures for details.

nice, although for us here in SLC its easier to look out the window...
That is when we can even see the mtns. :P
noelportugal (author)  bassman76jazz4 years ago
I'm jealous!