Picture of Skid Steer Costume (stroller wrap)
2013-10-31 07.40.39.jpg
My son is obsessed with construction equipment ( like most little boys ) but his favorite by far is the skid steer. I have no idea why, maybe because it is small and compact and once you start looking for them they are everywhere. He can spot one a mile away in the middle of a busy construction site and since I don't have room in the garage for a full size skid steer I decided to do the next best thing!

My first thought was something wearable but since he is only 2 and I didn't want it to be lame and dangerous, I decided on something he could ride in. At the moment we have a whole selection of stroller so that seemed like a perfect frame and it saves it from having to be durable enough to roll and turn.

Now i've got an idea, a kid, a frame and I can really get started.
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Step 1: Planning

Picture of Planning
Model Image 2.jpg
Model Image 1.jpg

Everybody knows what a bobcat looks like right? I could have just free-handed something and started cutting but I didn't want to waste time (the time for building this came mostly out of sleeping time with 2 kids in the house) and material so I started looking in Sketchup's 3d Warehouse at the existing models until I hit upon one I liked, the Carepillar Skid Steer 236b. (

This model is much more detailed than I would like and I need to simplify it before I can make my templates. I exported a 2 cad drawing from Sketchup ( I have a Pro license at work, if you can't export as a .dwg it is easy enough to export a .jpg and trace it.)

After tracing the exported image and simplifying it along the way, I drew a 4x8 box and planned my cuts to be as efficient as possible.

If you have access to a large format printer run off a print of what you've drawn and go to town. I was able to piece them together from 11x17 and print it on scrap. A little taping and I was ready to go.

Below are the model and the CAD drawing.

alexis925 months ago

Could you please post pdfs. I would LOVE to make this for my sons first halloween!

mlero (author)  alexis925 months ago
I posted them in two files. (part1 and 2) They are formatted for 11x17 sheets with boxes that overlap in the corners.This is only the main body side pieces. The wheels I just traced a plate and the bucket I made up on the fly along with a lot of the connection pieces since they depend on the width of the stroller. I've added all the photos I have, I think it is enough to go on. I ended up making the cab taller on the fly to fit the stroller better and make it easier to get him in and out. I also got some long course thread screws and added them at points where there was a lot of stress. Good luck! Post a pic when you are done.
rockyskelton6 months ago

Great concept, next to impossible to get your own printed. Don't get your hopes up dads....

mlero (author)  rockyskelton6 months ago
I'd be happy to post pdfs of the different sheets. I did modify the cab height on the fly though based on the stroller so that isn't updated. The nice thing is that you are making doubles of everything so even if you draw it rather than use a template to trace it you only have to draw it once. That dwg isn't the easiest to deal with but worked ok for me