Skiing Survival Bag





Introduction: Skiing Survival Bag

This is a bag you should take if you are going skiing for a DAY it is for survival if you get turned around. Not for planned over night camping.

Step 1: Clothing

Pack layers not huge coats. Bring underwear then build up long sleeve shirt,sweatshirt,waterproof top layer. Then have gloves,hat,and a scarf. Have some kind of snowboots/ski boots. Something to protect your eyes from the snow. Snow goggles/sunglasses.

Step 2: Gear

Have the right survival gear if you get turned around. Carry in your pack a knife, fire making products, flashlight/glow sticks, cordage, carabiners, paper/sharpie, survival blanket/s,signal mirror, duct tape, survival kit in a can, tin foil, candle, zip ties, peppermint candy, extra batteries, hand Warmers, trowel.

Step 3: First Aid Kit

You should always carry a basic first aid kit I should add a ace bandage

Step 4: Carrying on Your Person

You should always carry these things on your person while skiing Knife Small tin Survival kit Wallet Wistle Paracord braclet Small flashlight COMMEN SENSE

Step 5: Water/food

Always carry water. Snow can cause hypothermia if you eat it. Then a food bring something sustaining and filling.

Step 6: Gear

Skis,boots,HELMENT!!!,Goggles, Poles, and tissues always carry tissues skiing. Also a bag to carry everything in.



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I love this kit its small and suits my needs