The Problem: Leaves floating on the surface of the pool will clog your skimmers. The tannins in the leaves turn your skimmer basket and piping brown. And then, when you clean out the skimmer, stray leaves get sucked down the pipe.

The Solution: I use this handy net for about eight weeks in the fall to keep the leaves out of the skimmer mouth. After a short time they sink, where I can get them easily with a big net.

Step 1: Standard PVC Construction

Measure the mouth of your skimmer, the overhang of your coping, the distance down to the water, etc. and it will pretty much design itself. 

Construction is pretty straight-forward. If you've ever made any kind of framework out of PVC pipe, you can make this. If you haven't, well, this will be good practice. I used 3/4" CPVC pipe because it's beige and matched the pool deck a little better. Before you glue it, turn all the labeling down so it's not exposed. See the little hole I drilled in the elbow closest to the camera? That keeps it from trying to float. Drill another hole above the water line so the piping will fill up.
I like this... but I don't like the idea of letting them fall to the bottom to be scooped... I like grabbing them on the surface. I made a similar model to yours, but struggled to find the right "catching" solution since I was trying to get them into something similar to the leaf skimmer netting. They ended up collecting around the outside of the netting way too much because I had it hanging away from the coping. I like that you have the extra bend to get the netting closer to the skimmer entrance.
Hi Sirckus. Glad you like the idea. I simply want to keep the leaves out of the skimmer basket where they choke off the water flow. Remember, even if a bunch of leaves gather in front of the net, you still have plenty of water flow into the skimmer. The water's flowing UNDER the floating leaves. Without the net, you could empty that skimmer 5 times a day in the fall. What a PITA.
Good Idea, need a bit more instructions with it.&nbsp; Where did you get the netting from?<br />
&nbsp;Well, the thickness of your coping and the amount of overhang will dictate the dimensions. I used a piece of old golf practice net.

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