Picture of Skin Eating Prank

UPDATE: As promised, spring rolls instructable is now up. :-)

I love this skin eating prank accidently realized one day while I was making spring rolls. This skin eating prank would be great for when you need a good laugh, Halloween, or for a zombie.

Oh, by the way do you guys remember Goldfinger from Austin Powers? I used to gag every time I watched him eat his skin.


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Step 1:

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This is super easy, all you need is a spring roll wrap. You can buy a package from a local Asian grocery store or the Asian aisle of a grocery store.  

For those who don't know, a spring roll wrap is made of rice and a bit thicker than a sheet of paper.  When wet in warm water, it becomes pliable and is used to wrap noodles, veggies, and meat in something like an egg roll.  It's a much healthier alternative to egg rolls because it is not deep fried. Yes, I'll work on an instructable for spring rolls too so you can enjoy some real good eats too. 

Step 2:

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Wash your hands then use kitchen shears to cut a spring roll wrap to the desire size that will fit the top of your hand.

Step 3:

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Soak the wrap in a bath of warm water until it comes soft.  Then apply onto hand.  I'm using my husband as a model here.   Stroke it to thin it out a bit and ensure that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles.  The wrap should blend into your skin.  Add more water if you want it to blend better especially around the edges. 

Step 4:

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Allow the wrap to dry enough that it's not too shiny.  It still had to be wet enough to still stick on to your skin. 

MrE1 year ago

HAHA I wish you had this one made for April fool's day. I have a friend who has an easily upset stomach. But I am still going to play it on her.

tofugami (author)  MrE1 year ago

Me too. I wanted to post it in time for April Fool but hubby wasn't able to be my model before hand. He had a lot of fun being my model though.

Let me know how it goes when you play it on her. And since it's not April Fool's Day, you will definitely catch her off guard.