Skin-Friendly Jelly Soap





Introduction: Skin-Friendly Jelly Soap

This is an instructable for making jelly-like soap, that does not contain any unnatural additives that are bad for sensible skin, and which is easy to make for anyone.

Why make this instead of normal soap? Because it is fun :D

The Instructable is based on a recipe found at this blog:

But since we would like to share this with the users of, we decided to make an instructable with our version of the soap :)

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

The ingredients have been somewhat adjusted for our recipe, as we didn't want to deal with melting soap.


- 1 cup clear liquid perfumefree soap
- 1 cup water (Boiling hot)
- 1-1½ tablespoon vodka (Prevents mold or fungus)
- Soap color (fruit color MIGHT also work)
- Essential oils
- 20-30g gelatine (1-2 envelopes, danish size ;) )


- Molds, you can use anything that is not too rigid, like muffin shapes, small yoghurt cups etc.
- Measuring cup (½ or 1-cup size)
- Tablespoon for measuring
- Spoons for stirring
- 2 bowls

Suggestion: While normal soap can be kind of large without a problem, these can seem a little disgusting if they are too big. thin molds are also not recommended.

Note: We a re using other tools in the images, as they were taken while making the first batch (But gelatine really sticks to forks and the like)

Step 2: Preparing Gelatine


- Water
- Gelatine


- Measuring cup
- Spoon

1: Place the gelatine in one of the bowls.

2: Pour the water over (Make sure it is VERY hot, as it's hard to dissolve such a large amount of gelatine).

3: Stir WELL, till the gelatine has been dissolved (almost) completely.

4: Remove undissolved lumps.

Step 3: Mix Soap Other Ingredients


- Soap
- Vodka
- Essential oil
- Color


- Bowl
- Spoon
- Measuring cup
- Tablespoon

1: Measure up the soap and vodka in the other bowl.

2: Add color, a few drops at a time, and stir, till the color is to your liking (won't change much when mixed with gelatine).

Suggestion: Keep the colors light, as this looks more "fresh" and fits better for a bathroom-look
(Unlike the strong orange color in this Instructable)

3: Add essential oil. It should have a somewhat strong smell, as it will, unlike the color, be dampened when mixed with the gelatine.

Step 4: Mix It!


- Eh... Step 2 and 3?


Your 2 bowls of fun!
- One of the spoons

1: Carefully pour the soapmix into the gelatine, and carefully stir it together.

2: Optional: If there is too much foam on the mixture, remove it with a spoon.

Step 5: Into the Molds and Into the Fridge


- The mixture


- The molds
- A fridge or cold place

1: Pour the mixture into the molds.

2: Place the molds in the fridge or cold place.

3: Wait for an hour or two...

Note: You are propably wondering why we put it on top of a big tray and placed that in the fridge.
Well.. The molds are not too rigid, and the mixture is very liquid-y, so we needed some support under, to avoid spilling.

And there you have it! Wobbly bubbly jelly fun for the whole family! :D



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    Hello, can you please tell me how long is the shelf life ?

    Thank you in advance :)


    Thank you! :)

    i don't have gelatin is there any substitute for gelatin that i might already have in my pantry before i go to the store


    I am afraid not, but coming back to this instructable so many years later I realise this could use a major revision, so I'd say Google around for other guide to this, there might be better ones out there.

    i don't have gelatin is there any substitute for gelatin i might already have in my pantry before i go to the store

    i want to make these but dont have gelatin is there any substitute for gelatin that i might have in my pantry before i go to the store

    That's a cool idea:)

    Hi. can i please use your image of the heart soap.


    Ooh I think I should try this using bubble bath instead of liquid soap! Then you can pop them into the bath at the start and watch as they dissolve into bubbles :D I wonder if it would be necessary to also use the essential oils then - the bubble bath that I prefer already has some but like you say the gelatine might dampen the fragrance. Thanks for the great instructable!

    Not sure if anyone else posted this, but in the US and Canada, Wal-Mart has gelatin in the canning/baking aisle. It's called "Knox Gelatin". I use it for making jelly soaps for the kids. I put them in the colored "food" containers from the Dollar Tree and match the soap color to the packaging well as using fruity or bubblegum scents. Makes it so much easier when they don't run at the words "Bath time!":)

    Creepy. No one wants to smush jell-o stuff in their hands. (is it sticky?)

    Gelatin in the US is generally sold as a powder, not sheets.  has some rules for substituting granular gelatin for leaf gelatin. talks about gelatin bloom strength which can vary. is how the bloom strength is tested.

    6 replies

    Aaah, thanks for clearing that up :)

    You're welcome. I've got a 5lb sack of plain gelatin powder that I use for making marshmallows. Nice to know there's something else I can use it for. Now the issue is finding a good soap (or looking for an Instructable here on how to make such. ;-)


    I bet it's alot easier to handle in powder form, more surface area and less "lumping"... Still don't understand why we use the sheets here in DK.

    If I remember rightly, professional pastry chefs use leaf gelatin because it is more controllable.  I've never seen it except on Food Network much less used it.

    Powder gelatin does clump unless you take care to scatter it carefully over the water in an even layer. Even then you can still find spots of unhydrated gelatin.

    I'm at culinary school for baking right now and we use sheet gelatin. It always dissolves better than powder.


    For the basic soap needs, Hobbylobby oer Michael's should have them :) 

    Do these REQUIRE refrigeration after finished like regular jello?

    If so I wonder if there would be something you could add to make them refrigeration free and a little LESS wobbley so that they could last for some time on their own in the bathroom.