Picture of Skin Guild Wars
While looking around, I noticed that many of the directions were unclear for Guild Wars modding. I will be using Textmod for this instructable, so anybody with any other program may have difficulty with this instructable.

For those without Textmod, it can be downloaded here
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Step 1: Lets begin!

Picture of Lets begin!
Start by opening up Textmod, and clicking the large folder below the words "target application". Then browse through your computer until you locate the Guild Wars Program File, saved as a .exe.

Step 2: Logging Mode

Picture of Logging Mode
Underneath the target application box, the will be three buttons- package, logging, and build modes. Select the logging mode by clicking on it.

I recommend selecting "Draw control and Texture info", "show texture in the upper left corner", and "Replace Texture(with a green texture)"

Change the output format to .BMP and set the log button to something you don't use, such as F6 if you don' have the pack assigned to F6. If all the buttons are used, no big deal, just close the menu that comes up in Guild Wars whenever it opens, or leave it open.

Next, click the folder to the right of the the output folder and either find or make an easily accessible folder. The location is NOT important.

As for the Def file, I have no idea, so just make a new folder and select it, but make it accessible.

Hit Run

Step 3: Finding Textures

Picture of Finding Textures
Once Guild wars has loaded, there should be some red text in the top left corner with various commands.
The commands are:
- Scroll through textures
+ Scroll through textures (the other way)
  • filter drawn textures
/ reset filter
, reload the replacement definition file

Only the first two are really important, as they select the textures.

Scroll through, and find the desired texture.

Once the texture is found, simply press the designated log key- in this case F7- to save it. More than one texture can be found, but to many will become a pain later on. A really, really, big pain.

Once the desired textures have been found, close guild Wars.
Yea someone else plays Guild Wars.
lemonie6 years ago
Which image(s) show one of your finished mods? L
The Daft (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Well, the second picture in step 3 has a note of some armor I changed, but beyond that, there's not really anything...
Sorry, skipped that image first time around. I spent a while modding Doom some years ago , think I've still got a .wad with dodgy-textures in it... If you've got more images of your mods it would be good to add them to show what you can achieve with this. (Step 6 is just indulgence in other people's artwork, where it could be your stuff?) L