Skirt Full of Stars - Motion reactive skirt with fiber optics

Picture of Skirt Full of Stars - Motion reactive skirt with fiber optics
Imagine a skirt that sparkles with a rainbow of colors as you walk, dance, and twirl. The Skirt Full of Stars is an interactive, illuminated garment using the LilyPad Arduino platform, designed to respond to and accentuate the movements of its wearer.

The LilyPad mainboard and power supply are sewn to a purple organza underlayer on a black tulle skirt, with an accelerometer hanging from a ribbon below. The LilyPad translates the movement readings from the accelerometer to colors using tricolor LEDs in the waistband, and sparkling fiber optics are woven through the tulle to disperse the light and create twinkling, color changing stars.
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Step 1: Tools & Materials

Materials needed

* 10 yards black tulle
* 1 yard purple organza or similar sheer fabric
* 2 in. scrap of non-fraying fabric such as leather or felt in a coordinating color
* 1-2 yards black grosgrain ribbon
* Black wide double-fold bias tape
* Conductive thread
* Heavy duty black thread
* 6 RGB LEDs – common cathode
* 1 Lilypad Arduino mainboard
* 1 Lilypad power supply
* 1 Lilypad accelerometer
* 6 in. of 3/16″ heat shrink tubing
* About 200 ft. of fiber optic strands
* Fray-check or washable fabric glue
* Clear silicone-based glue
* Black fabric paint


* Sewing Machine (optional, but recommended)
* Needle-nosed pliers
* Wire cutters
* Heat gun
* FTDI connector for programming the Lilypad board
* Computer with Arduino software

you could do this same thing for cosplay costumes that need parts that light up i have seen lots of wings being lit up by led lights but in my opinion there to bulky for some costumes fiberoptics are lightweight & flexable much better in my opion

BH8ECD6 months ago
Nice, I'm to made it as a birthday gift to my daughter. She is five years old and she will be crazy for the bling blings :))) thanks! months ago

Great project I can't wait to get started : )

I'm a little confused about what type of fiber optics would be best to use, do you have any suggestions? Do they come in spool or is it best to get it in some type of bundle.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

NOODLE!2 years ago
I love this skirt and this is wt has gotten me wanting to learn arduino just so I can make this skirt!
juleej2 years ago
found a video:
solemnraven3 years ago
I'd love to see a video of the design in action!
This seems really pretty!
la3 years ago
I love the color-changes! beautiful design & idea!
amberjoy4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your amazing design! I can't wait to make my own Skirt Full of Stars.... :)