Step 12: Assemble the skirt:

Picture of Assemble the skirt:
I use the fact that the tulle comes folded in half on the bolt to my advantage to make a nice, full, double-layered skirt super easily! Because the skirt is so full, it works best if the wrap only overlaps by a few inches – to determine the waistband length of your skirt, add 3 inches to your waist measurement at the point where you’d like the skirt to sit.

Cut organza to your desired hem length (I’m 5′9″, and my skirt was 21″ long) and waistband length. Again, you can choose to hem the edges, carefully flame them, or cut with pinking shears and leave them raw. If you will be hemming the edges, be sure to add seam allowances.

Cut tulle to desired hem length

Using heavy duty thread, make a long running stitch next to the crease along the entire 10 yards of tulle.

Gather the tulle to the waistband length you calculated above

Stack the skirt layers with the large piece of organza on the bottom, the circuit in the middle, and the tulle layer on top. Distribute the gathered tulle evenly along the length, and baste all three layers together.

Fold the bias tape over the waistband, with an equal amount extending on either side of the skirt. Tack down or baste together if necessary.

Sew entire length of bias tape together, including ends, to create both the finished waistband of the skirt and the ties. If you choose to machine sew this step, be careful not to bring your needle down on the metal leads on the LEDs.

Distribute the fiber optics. Start by poking the individual strands through the weave of the lower layer of tulle, then disperse them in various directions. You can either continue to weave them through the lower tulle layer occasionally to hold them in place, or stitch them to it.