Skittle Wrapper Dress!





Introduction: Skittle Wrapper Dress!

My skittle Wrapper dress i created <3
What do ya think??



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    To start i estimated 100 wrappers, so after i cut all the bags open and put them into a gallon sized bag i started pinning the wrappers to the dress form, the way i thought they ought to look. I used a wide zigzag stitch so it wouldnt rip the bags. I started with the top, and for the skirt, just did layer, after layer till i got the size i wanted!

    HEYA!!! Thanks SOO much for all the support! As for the amount, its about 120 Skittle wrappers, and took about 15 hrs.

    My dress is wrapper with a tad bit of fabric.No staples, no glue, simply sewing. No special equipment at all. I drafted my own pattern which is really just a princess seamed dress, I cut and sewed wrappers into pattern pieces and sewed them together to make a dress. So really It was just like fabric. Plastic does tear but if you tinker with machine settings you can find settings that won't rip it. That's really all I can think to say about construction.

    All you have to do is figure out a design and then just go with it <3


    You're all asking for a step by step to make this, but there really isnt. I didnt draw anything i saw an idea and i just created as i went. I just pieced it together on my dress form. So I'd answer any questions you have. But there really isnt a step by step i can give,

    i think a step-by-step instructable would be the best, because this in itself, without steps or anything, is great. Very creative. Lovely work on your dress. Yep, step-by-step, that's what we need, and more ideas. I think you are on to something. Someday your name is gonna be in lights! I am starting to think copyrights, a book, $$$. You go girl! You see, you think everyone is as creative as you. That is why you just put your idea out there without any instructions. You thought anyone could just take the idea and go with it......WRONG! We don't all have what you've got. You've got talent.......use it!

    That is so amazing! I wanted to make one of the skittles wrapper dress for our schools valentines dance thing, but I just saw the idea just a day before
    on google. That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is an adorable little dress! I love the hat too!

    You did an awesome job!

    Definitely get a step-by-step together, with all the little details, and post it.

    great idea ! I don't think it would look as cute on me though