Now, before I start this Instructable (my first!), I have some sources to cite. First, I made skittles vodka or "Love Potions" as Grymee (https://www.instructables.com/member/Grymee/ ) calls it. Here is Grymee's guide https://www.instructables.com/id/Love-Potions/ . 
And this guide is almost a copy of courtnix's (https://www.instructables.com/member/courtnix/ ) Instructable. You can find it here https://www.instructables.com/id/Drunken-Gummies-Vodka-Infused-Gummi-Bears/ .

Now that that's out the way, lets begin! 

***This instructable makes use of alcohol! DO NOT attempt this if you are below the legal drinking age in your country of residance!***

Step 1: Skittles Vodka

For the skittles vodka you will need :

skittles (duh) not pictured

vodka (duh) people recommend using at least a decent quality vodka, but forever a rebel, I used the cheapest one in the supermarket. 

a bottle in which the vodka will dissolve the skittles

some sort of fine filter (I used coffee filters) to filter the vodka once the skittles are absorbed 

a container (like a jug or bottle) to store the vodka once you've filtered it

Ok, as I said, Grymee has a much better and more in-depth guide to this, but for our purpose, we only really need to do it roughly. 

First, separate the skittles by colour. You'll probably need quite a lot. I did roughly a quarter of the bottle was full of skittles, then obviously fill it with vodka.

You leave this for about 24 hours, giving it a good hard shake every so often.

Now, you'll be left with a nicely coloured vodka with a foam-like substance at the top.

Now, you don't want a scoop of that in your gummis, so this is why we need to filter it. As you can see in the picture, i put my filter into a funnel, funnelling into a jug. You may need to filter it a few times to get all the gunk off. This can take a while, but for what we are using the skittles vodka for, you don't need to worry too much about how well you filter it. 

Once you get it all filtered, we can move on to the gummi section! 
FYI - rasins will easily soak up 3X their weight in vodka and they still look like rasins, only fatter!
Really!? I'll have to try this!!!
This looks like something fun to try!
a young lady by the name of Courtnix on instrucktables posted this back in 09 so Grymee's & a site called Gizmodo also re-posted this recipe without giving the proper person credit. In fact I can scroll up a little and see her recipe in the "related" box.
Yes I know, hence why I gave recognition to courtnix. Grymee's guide is for something different entirely. But you're right, there are lots of copy cats copying courtnix's (and other peoples) guide(s) without giving credit or recognition, its terrible!
It's everything that's good about life.

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