Can't get to Weasley's Wizard Wheezes? Make your very own Skiving Snackbox.
Fever Fudge style
Eating the red half will cause the heat to rise in your head. Cool the heat by biting into the blue half. This version of Fever Fudge may not affect muggles as strongly as it does wizards.
Puking Pastilles style
Eat the orange half and you'll experience a strange queasy feeling due to the unfortunate combination of anise, garlic, and sugar. Once you have felt the impacts of this gut twisting flavor, calm your tummy with the delightfully minty purple half.
Nosebleed Nougat style
The red side delivers a blood-inspired flavor. It starts out tart and gets salty while delivering a hint of umami. Opposite the red side is a nice vanilla banana flavor that's a pleasant counterpoint to the sensations created by the red.
Fainting Fancies style
Firstly, the savory orange colored "fainting" side takes the eater by surprise with the completely unsweetened flavor of carrot spiced with cumin. Then the sugar-laced yellow half, meant to revive it unconscious consumer, tastes of sour lemon.
Cockroach Clusters style
Not traditional Skiving Snackbox treats but great for any wizard who likes to feel the crunch an exoskeleton with their chocolate.