Introduction: Skoobys Squared

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Step 1: Loop

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Loop the green over the skooby

Step 2: Again

Picture of Again

do this again while keeping hold of the other loop.

Step 3: Threading Through

Picture of Threading Through

Thread the red over the first loop and into the second

Step 4: Do That Again

Picture of Do That Again

Thread through again and you will start seeing it come together.

Step 5: Pull

Picture of Pull

Pull a red and green that are next to each other.

Step 6: There

Picture of There

There you have your first bit of your skooby keep repeating this action and soon it shall look like a weaved pattern.


sara_101 (author)2016-12-28

OOOHHHHHH i love these!! i used to make them all the time back at 2nd grade!

if only i still had the time, AND material. :D

azharbass (author)2013-12-16

I'm guessing this is your first instructable in a contest, so here's some thoughts. Post clearer pics, we can't see with the fuzzy. And you didn't even show how to start the skooby loop, many people get this wrong. It's easy to take it for granted that people around us might know how to do it but not others. However don't stop posting more posting more 'ibles :)

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