This a modern take on one of my favorite guns I've ever made. If you think it's just another generic firing pin gun, then don't leave just yet. This uses a very unique pin. Basically, all it is is a blue rod sticking out from between a bottom and top rail with gears to keep it on on either end. This can make a gun very compact and better looking, and more realistic.I seriously recommend building this gun. This idea will almost certainly work with bullpup guns too! Maybe you can get a few ideas, or maybe you can just have  lot of fun with it. 
This gun is really fun to shoot!
Decent range
Fun to shoot
small and packs a punch
Easy to load

Gun is still not quite perfected; the pin may go under the trigger once in a while causing the gun not to work. Easily fixed with pulling the pin back a bit.
Handle isn't that comfortable

Get building! I'd love to hear some feedback on this gun.

Step 1: Outer Body

A panel that goes on the outside of the gun. Follow image notes.

Step 2: Handle

The handle of the skorpion.

Step 3: Inner Panel

An inner panel..

Step 4: Internals

The stuff that goes right in the middle.

Step 5: More Panels

More panels/internals.
The pictures in this step aren't very clear on what they want you to do, so I will go through them step by step.

Picture 1: Make this and clip it to the blue rods on the end so it lines up with everything else.
Picture 2: Make this and do the same with this as the previous piece but put it so it lines up with the other side of the magazine.
Picture 3: Do the same with this as the other pics.
Picture 4: Make this
Picture 5: Get a small piece of tape and a green rod
Picture 6: Stick it on the end of the tape
Picture 7: Put that piece from before in and make sure it lines up with the trigger
Picture 8: Put the green rod on the hole, and put the tape on the side.
Picture 9: Take the tape off of that specific part; you will need to have that hole accessible.

Next step!

Step 6: Other Outer Panel

Last panel that is needed! Just follow the pictures

Step 7: Almost All of the Rest..

Just finishing up the gun, loading and everything else is in the next step. Follow the pics, I was too lazy to put in image notes.

Step 8: Loading

Sorry, still too lazy to add image notes :P Have fun anyways, if you reaally need help, private message me.
WTF reD y clips?
were did u get the RED Y clips ive never heard of such a thing
<p>I also have red. Though I also have them in silver, gold, and a yellow/orange. I thought I had it in even more colors but I can not find them if I do.</p>
this gun is so awesome and i added a stock to it
Could you make a video of this shooting???
good job! i love it i made my own and modded it with stronger rubber bands a grip and a stronger rubber band for the trigger
Curses!!! I had this idea several months before you did and never got to post a gun on it :(
Aww :/ lol
real nice model ! OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGG i just had an epiphany... my next gun... a side handle-like-thing loaded gun using this sort of pin (only a longer rod for the actual handle-pull-thingy)...<br><br>THANK YOU SO MUCH
Sounds very cool :D And thank you :)
I dont thnk ill be making it on second thought... Its knid of a waste of my time cause i have so much to do right now wuat with the homework and tests and other guns im building and i also play hockey and i practice a lot, so i dont have much time to build it and i guess you could probably just make some sort of handle and add i to this gun. I can post you a few pics if you want.
Ahh, that's alright :D
I love the way you always stay constructive, kind, positive and helpful. That is a real good quality in a guy.
Thanks! That really means a lot to me!
oh and how good is ur PP-2000 is it any good besides looks
Oh, hey this gun gave me an idea for my next project. Wait until its done =)
Awesome, can't wait to see :)
Good, Ill have it ready in a few days possibly.
Alright then!
im gonna make this then ill post a pic <br>
The firing pin's unique way of cocking the gun is by far the best thing about this. You should expand on that idea.
Im thinking of building and I would just like to know, roughly, the range of this gun
Is the mag removable?
No, sorry :/
How reliable is it?
quite. Every once in a while if you're not careful the pin will go under the trigger. It is easily fixed by pulling the pin back a little bit.
I tAke it this step used up all of your orange &quot;ladders&quot;?
Yeah :P How'd you know?
it looks like a Rubberband Beast
it has too many rubberbands on it
no it doesn' t
Oh, they're all just to make it work
yeah i guess they're worth it
just might build it
REALLY messy. But nice pin design. Did u see the video from TD yet? Or just the forum?
I like how the pin design is based off of the shotgun concept by TD. BTW it could use a bit of cleaning up a bit because it looks a bit sloppy (hence the constructive criticism). <br><br><br>P.S. thanks for not leaving ibles.
It's a little sloppy because I just wanted to get this idea out there.<br><br>Yeah, I'm probably not gonna leave for a long time now. I think I'm gonna make a lot more guns with this mechanism.
you were going to leave ibles?!!!
I will do the same. This mech by TD is the way forward.
HOORAY!!!!!!! I think I will too.
looks cool! i love it having an internal firing pin, your stuff is great, got to make this some time!
Thanks a lot!
sure thing! might incorparate the foofinator's semi auto speed loader and easily turn it into a mag for this gun so that it will have an internal mag push
whoops, i forgot to put an i after the ! my bad
Yeah! Thanks :D

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