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Introduction: Skull Brooch - Steampunk Prince

About: I am a paper crafter who enjoys a variety of paper crafting activities: collage, mixed media, altered art , decoupage. I like learning new techniques and I like developing new ideas. I create a variety of ...

This Steampunk skull with wings and crown brooch was created from a high quality print of one of my original collages. I have created a new collection I am calling "skellies". I happened upon a Cezanne painting of three skulls that I absolutely had to craft with. I cut the skulls apart and played with them until I constructed a variety of "skellies". The finished design is heat laminated with 7 ml. lamination film.

This steampunk skull brooch is approximately 2.25 by 2.25 inches. The design features an orange crown with a flower, blue butterfly wings and some gears to punk it out. The flower is embellished with a blue rhinestone.

You can create your own wearable art by creating a collage and then laminating it. If you do not have your own laminator, office supply stores usually offer this service for a small price. This fun and funky brooch can be purchased in my Etsy Store.



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