Picture of Skull Candy Headphone Modification

I was a little annoyed with my mp3 player, in that I wanted to hang it around my neck but the wires weren't quite right.

One short section of electrical insulation and a bit of fiddling was all I needed.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
I now have some Skull Candy Ear buds, the original Sony things hurt my ears after about 10 min...
You need a small soft and flexible tube. I cut a bit of plastic insulation, but you could make one from tape or many other things

Step 2: Looping

Picture of Looping

This is simple, follow the pictures.
The looping gives a "necklace" and a section to adjust the length.
The headphones can be parked when out of your skull.

>Hang the wire around your neck, with the audio-jack and headphones pointing towards your feet.
>Pull a loop on the headphones-end through the tube.
>Push the audio-jack through the tube.
>Connect the mp3 player.
>Adjust the lengths of wire to suit.
>Where the L & R wires join / separate there is a black lump: push that into the tube to wedge the wires in place.

(Time for some bleeps...)
ARJOON4 years ago
my mom didn't want to buy this shirt for me
lemonie (author)  ARJOON4 years ago

That I can understand.

knuckel lemonie4 years ago
i would :d