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Introduction: Skull Crawler Desk Pal

I asked my 4yr old daughter to draw me a "monster" picture and I would try to 3D sketch it and then 3D print it out for her...  Somehow we ended up with this thing after 3 different and very abstract crayon drawings.  To give it a bit of utility and offer some reason for desk placement at work I designed 3 holes in its back for pens and such.

Its a pen holding "Skull Crawler" when on it's legs but viewed from the top or turned on its rear (back forward) its a happy snow man; spin it around and you have an angry Tiki statue (or so I've been told)...

Basically, if your desk isn't already a cluttered mess; and one of your personal goals is to have a cluttered desk then you might like this  light utility, random child art to help you obtain your goals.

You can grab our 3D model here: and use the free 123D app by Autodesk here: to mod if you like and then export to your preferred format for 3D printing; here is a sample workflow I have used  at home designing and printing with great results:

Skull Crawler is designed to print on any 3D printer; just position him on the build plain with his back down for an easy ~2hr print!

  1. Download
  2. Print
  3. Put pens in it
  4. Creep yourself out!

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    Can we see your daughter's original concept art?

    Found some images on my cel phone from our "monster drafting workshop" and uploaded them. It took a lot of dialog and interpretation talks to arrive at the final model but she feels like she designed it and that's all I was after! Please don't laugh at my "artistic" renderings; I'm not so hot with the hand drawn stuff and especially in Crayon. :)

    That's amazing! I like the idea of turning creative kid drawings into something like this. Thanks for sharing!

    No charge mikeasaurus! I have more father/daughter designs I may post later.

    Sure! I know I took a picture of her while she was drawing (I'll search my phone) and I'll see where she "filed" her drawings in her room (she runs a fairly tight ship for a 4yr old).

    What happened to it to turn it red (pic 1) or did you print it that way?

    It was printed in "natural" ABS which is basically white. The reddish area is just shadow captured by my cellphone camera. If you print in natural/white ABS you can take a Sharpie of any color and go to town on customizing your object after printing.

    I also designed a filament color tower that I use to color the ABS as it is pulled into the extruder to give color tints using 2 Sharpie markers while printing.