Skull Cutout T-shirt





Introduction: Skull Cutout T-shirt

A while ago, these skull-cutout tees were all over the place.  I really wanted one, but I wasn't crazy about the design.  I wanted a really gnarly kind of skull!!  And I didn't see any reason to spend money buying one when I knew I could make one in about 30 minutes.
So here we are.  

Procure t-shirt
Design skull
Cut skull out of t-shirt
Optional: cut neck, sleeves and hem off of t-shirt to turn it into a tank top!

And, done.



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Far out idea, but doesn't the model have it on backwards :)

Omg I love it

Cool! What kind of t-shirt is that? It looks slightly sheer. I am going to try this except with a butterfly pattern instead.

this is really ingenious

Put a red one underneath so you can wear a bra!

Trying to think of what kind of bra to wear with this...

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put the face on the front and the bra would be the eyes of the skull XD

Looks awesome (now if only my back wasn't so hairy....)

very beautiful and talented! ....

very beautiful and talented! ....

Nice! Perfect for rock climbing - scary looking, and keeps you cool.

I just saw a chick wearing one on the street yesterday. I wanted to compliment her shirt but didn't, because I didn't want her to call me a creep in public. It's a simple but awesome ible.

Very Cool look I am going to make for my grandsons this weekend. Is there a way to copy just the skull patttern? Thank You

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I think if you download the second picture, you could blow up the image I used large enough to trace it. Click on the "i" in the upper left corner, and choose the "original" size.

Looks awesome. Being a guy i don't worry much about "Layering" my tops, but i could see some potential options here with wearing a different color undershirt to change the cut out area to the color of my choice. Nice instructable, thanks!

Will the fabric fray?
I really want to try this out :D

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It won't as long as you use a t-shirt (which is knit) as opposed to something woven.

expecially if the design was on the front.