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A while ago, these skull-cutout tees were all over the place.  I really wanted one, but I wasn't crazy about the design.  I wanted a really gnarly kind of skull!!  And I didn't see any reason to spend money buying one when I knew I could make one in about 30 minutes.
So here we are.  

Procure t-shirt
Design skull
Cut skull out of t-shirt
Optional: cut neck, sleeves and hem off of t-shirt to turn it into a tank top!

And, done.


occasionprints (author)2015-01-05

Nice Back , love it!

LD_P made it! (author)2014-09-01

I made a bit of a remix of this old classic, substituting the skull for a Stormtrooper. Hope you like it!

static (author)2013-11-16

Far out idea, but doesn't the model have it on backwards :)

skysky (author)2013-06-07

Omg I love it

LittleBrightSparks (author)2013-05-18

Cool! What kind of t-shirt is that? It looks slightly sheer. I am going to try this except with a butterfly pattern instead.

foobear (author)2013-02-23

this is really ingenious

FlatLinerMEDIC (author)2012-08-08

Put a red one underneath so you can wear a bra!

Mella2013 (author)2012-07-29

Trying to think of what kind of bra to wear with this...

chicopluma (author)Mella20132012-08-01

put the face on the front and the bra would be the eyes of the skull XD

wazzup105 (author)2012-07-27

Looks awesome (now if only my back wasn't so hairy....)

miguelopazo (author)2012-07-09

awesome idea !!!

osmanpala (author)2012-07-09

very beautiful and talented! ....

osmanpala (author)2012-07-09

very beautiful and talented! ....

billhorvath (author)2012-07-03

Nice! Perfect for rock climbing - scary looking, and keeps you cool.

Liquidmoon (author)2012-07-01

I just saw a chick wearing one on the street yesterday. I wanted to compliment her shirt but didn't, because I didn't want her to call me a creep in public. It's a simple but awesome ible.

Annalovesmyboys (author)2012-06-30

Very Cool look I am going to make for my grandsons this weekend. Is there a way to copy just the skull patttern? Thank You

I think if you download the second picture, you could blow up the image I used large enough to trace it. Click on the "i" in the upper left corner, and choose the "original" size.

SacredDemon (author)2012-06-30

Looks awesome. Being a guy i don't worry much about "Layering" my tops, but i could see some potential options here with wearing a different color undershirt to change the cut out area to the color of my choice. Nice instructable, thanks!

Merloc50 (author)2012-06-29

Will the fabric fray?
I really want to try this out :D

scoochmaroo (author)Merloc502012-06-30

It won't as long as you use a t-shirt (which is knit) as opposed to something woven.

wbond1 (author)2012-06-30

expecially if the design was on the front.

ArtisanEclectic (author)2012-06-29

I meant the picture. I wasn't referring to HER as "that". Sorry for the confusion.

scoochmaroo (author)2012-06-28

You mean like a chicken?

maka (author)scoochmaroo2012-06-29

Perfect response.

For the record, you're one damn hot chick, as far as i'm concerned.

destructopop (author)scoochmaroo2012-06-28

As always, you're amazing. Best reply to that comment. Ever. <3

Madrigorne (author)destructopop2012-06-28

Bawk bawk? This tshirt rawks.

agodinhost (author)2012-06-29

realmente gostosa!

ArtisanEclectic (author)2012-06-29

You can't tell that's a girl?

Luckymama (author)2012-06-25

Love this! I have the one from Pinterest saved in my photos...this has taken the guess work out! thank you so the way, my kitty with the black tail is gone...:(

Madrigorne (author)Luckymama2012-06-28

I am so very sorry for your loss. >>^..^<<

cdawisconsin (author)2012-06-28

I love this idea!

Madrigorne (author)cdawisconsin2012-06-28


carmatic (author)2012-06-28

I like this! Retro in an 80's kind of way ... And I must say, sexy too!

HMice (author)2012-06-25

You could sew a big black patch behind it, if it was cold or you didn't want your skin showing.

mopar73 (author)HMice2012-06-28

Or just wear a dark t-shirt under it.

HMice (author)mopar732012-06-28

That too.

kimvellore (author)2012-06-28

I had a friend who rode a motorbike with a T shirt... one day he had a shirt just like this +road rash....
nice ible though, keep your ideas coming...

dave614 (author)2012-06-28

Unless I'm teribbly mistaken, That IS a "chick" - scoochmaroo herself ...
with newer hairdo ... as always, awesome.

viniciusj (author)2012-06-28


scoochmaroo (author)viniciusj2012-06-28


viniciusj (author)scoochmaroo2012-06-28

Besides being beautiful, perfect body has good humor, is very polite and helpful. Thanks for responding. I love your work. I wish much success. kisses

micheldemey (author)2012-06-28

I propose to cut this in a black t-shirt and wear a white one underneath

BarginsTech (author)micheldemey2012-06-28

^^^^ what he said! or as a bathing suit cover!

L.L.Cool (author)2012-06-28

Isn't it amazing that something so simple could be so AWESOME?!?!?!

Thoth (author)2012-06-28

Very Misfits ! Rock on.

lovelilandia (author)2012-06-27

This is fantastic!

bricabracwizard (author)2012-06-25

....and I voted for you!

bricabracwizard (author)2012-06-25

Brilliant! Very cool!

SelkeyMoonbeam (author)2012-06-25

That looks so good!

The Cartographer (author)2012-06-25

Good idea

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