Step 2: The First Cut Is the Deepest

Cut along the jawbone, and around the entire pumpkin. You're defining the "line" where the neck meets the skull here.

Now, scoop out the brains.

It's impressive how skull-ish your creation can look immediately after this step!
WOW, the pumpkin scull is my next Halloween craft :)
Awesome instructable! It worked out fairly well for me (and I added an extra touch of my own).
Looks great, well done!
how hard was this on a scale of 1-10
At first it was about a 7, but once you've practiced a bit it's a 4. The tough part is the anatomy: once you have the picture in your head it's not too bad.
these look awsum definately gonna try next year... or maybey try with a big cooking apple p.s. what does it say in the orange writing on the second picture of the last step? i can read'extreme pumpkin' but not whats under it.
<em>&quot;...a big cooking apple...&quot;</em><br/>Actually, any fruit or vegetable that's solid has a bit of an advantage over a pumpkin, because you can get the relative depth closer to reality. A pear would work great because of the fact that it is... wait for it... <em>pear-shaped</em>. Of course it's not easy to find a pear the size of your head.<br/><br/><em>&quot;what does it say in the orange writing on the second picture of the last step?&quot;</em><br/>...I lifted that photo (of one of my skulls from a few years back) from extremepumpkins.com, rather than digging it up on my machine: Pure laziness really. And I can't quite make out what it says either; maybe it's just a funky dental pixellation?<br/>
its a watermark from the site <br />
i think it says &quot;extreme pumpkins.com&quot;<br /> <br />
Here in Scotland, the turnip is carved to make a traditional "tumshie" lantern. Hard work to carve, but long-lasting.
Nice hand work!<br />
Very COOL ! Agree gotta light the eyes ! St0ney stoneykins.com
if u added leds it would be really scary at night
Yep. Maybe it would be scary enough to frighten away all of those freeloading trick-or-treaters, and I can keep all the candy for myself! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!
For us in the tropics where is the carving a skull on a coconut video???? LOL
After a bit of study, and some extrapolation, I determined that the orange text on the photo from "extremepumpkins.com" says the following; EXTREME PUMPKINS .COM
Then start taking bites out of it in front of an appreciative audience; now that does look spooky
Ew, gross. Good idea.
hey that's nothing, I've just finished carving a pentagram on the chest of a door-to-door salesman, now that IS fun
Damn! Now I need to wait till next year to use it... Going to make one now though for fun! Goodwork!
<em>&quot;Now I need to wait till next year to use it...&quot;</em><br/>But wait, there's always Thanksgiving! How about a skull carved into the surface of your turkey? Add that missing spark or horror to the feast! Guaranteed alienation from family and friends! <br/>
Great Instructable!
Great!!!!!! Nice, nice, job!!!!! Very cool!

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