Introduction: Skull RGB Mood Light

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Color your Halloween with this Skull mood light's. Use as a scepter or lantern.

For this project I used 3d printed hull and attiny2313 on small prototyping board.

Step 1: 3d Print Hull

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I used 3d printer to print hull of the skull. STL files are included.

Step 2: Materials

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1x Attiny2313

1x 20-pin DIP Socket

1x prototyping board (10x10 holes)

1x LM7805

1x 0.33uF capacitor

1x 1.33uF capacitor

4x 100Ohm resistors

1x Micro Slide Switch

1x 9V battery

1x 9V battery connector

some wire

Cut and bend parts before soldering.

Step 3: Solder Parts

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Don't solder all pins at once, because some hole sharing is used.

1. Solder in just two corners of socket.

2. Insert resistor and bend its pins to form tracks on board. Cut to length and Solder.

3. Repeat with other resistors.

4. Solder in micro switch and wires.

5. Solder in RGB led.

6. Use electricians tape to isolate back of LM7805 from other components

7. Insert capacitors ant LM7805 and solder together.

Step 4: Test

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Connect battery (without microchip) and test holes in DIP socket where in Vcc and GND will be. Use image for reference.

I used digital multimeter, but anything that could measure 5V could be used.

You can also short Vcc and DIP socket holes connected to LED's to see if colors light up.

If multimeter reads 5v and you can light up different colors manually, most probably there are no mistakes, and you can insert micro controller safely.

Step 5: Program

There are some comments in the code to explain how things work.
Also some "#defines" to make the code more readable.

I used myMultiProg MK2 programmer and WinAVR software to upload program to attiny2313.

There are other options.

You can make one yourself, many instructables on this site

Or you can use arduino:

Step 6: Assemble

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Insert attiny2313 in the socket and power up.

Colors should change randomly few times in a minute.

To speed up of slow down adjust delay times in the code.

Put everything together as shown in the pictures.

Use toothpick between skulls teeth to reach to the switch.

Happy Halloween!


tomatoskins (author)2015-11-06

I love 3D printing! I love the lighting idea!

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