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I made this ring for my sister. The skull started out as a charm from the craft store, 75 cents. I cut off the parts I didn't want from it. The ring is fashioned from a coat hanger. The crystals came from a pack of 100 for $10.00. I filled the eye sockets with solder before hot setting the crystals.



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    thats a very cool design

    how did you make this something you'd see in a Dia de las Muertas celebration!

    okay maybe it's me but did that just say you made the ring from a coat hanger? will it turn your finger green or anything? I mean that is just too cool for words.

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    Yes, the band is made from a plain old coat hanger. My sister hasn't mentioned any staining. She's had it for a few weeks now but I don't know how often she wears it. I keep you posted.

    sweet...thanks. I might have to try this one day when I have time and the space to do this in. Staying with my mom due to her cancer treatments and the space is 'limited' that's why I left all my jewelry making things at home in MO. No room to spread out like I can down there. It's driving me crazy not being able to make anything, I'm so bored right now that I'm surfing the web like a lost puppy looking for something that sparks my interest.

    Sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope she's progressing well.

    You would laugh if you saw my "shop". It contains the following. A 50 dollar 8" drill press. A scrap piece of carpet, 2'x'2. A few hammers and a plumbing torch.

    With that you can make all 30+ of my items.

    sounds like mine, A dremmel (sp?), about 20 to 30 boxes of glass beads, wire from lowes brass, copper and steel (can't afford real silver) and all the jewelry tools, even the broken wire clippers have I would love to have a drill press, that way I can make the holes in the sea glass more straight and not worry about shocking myself when I do it in a plastic dish with water...:) More hands free type of thing.

    She hasn't gone to her treatments yet..they start next week. I guess I should've said that..sorry. but she's okay, it's stage one so they caught it in time.

    Once again, very cool!

    Once again very nice! That skull would look cool on your skeleton key as well.

    It fits..perfect with my Project...
    btw...would you pls vote...?