Step 2: Melting the wax...

Picture of Melting the wax...
For this step you are going to need patience. Cut the candle in half with you knife/scissors. Light the upper part of the candle and start dripping the wax onto the top of the skull. Its as easy as that. I recomend to just make a single layer and let it set before applying another layer. This way the wax won't spill to the sides and it will take less time to make a "pile" on the top of the skull. After you have made a chuck of wax at the top, take the lower part of the candle and press it onto the wax while its still warm. Let it cool and there you have it! your very own skull candle!

candlemaker2 years ago
Well, thanks for a creative way to light up the candle. Maybe it should be candle on the top of the skull. :)