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Introduction: Skull Room Shelves

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The first room of our Haunt won't have a scare, it will be set up like a den or library but it needed shelves. Unfortunately we join the build when its almost completed but I think you'll get the idea. This year we decided to use recycled fence panels for walls and in some areas even as roofing, this room is under a 20x20' portable carport with a plastic tarp roof, you can see on the walls where we used spare pickets to "finish" the wall to meet the roof line, giving us a decrepit shack look with high ceilings.

Step 1: The Materials

There is a show on cable called "Hanging with Hackett" were the guy creates amazing stuff from found objects he calls obtainium, that's a FANTASTIC word and I quickly adopted it, I also came up with the word possibilium to cover the same found,scavenged, recycled,donated materials these shelves are built from possibilium, so one of the first steps is to peruse your pile of possibilium. We went through the piles and pulled out various lengths of 2x12, 2x10", 2x6 and 2x2. You can get by with a hammer, saw and power screwdriver but thanks to my sons,  master carpenter, father in law and his mobile workshop we had everything from a cutoff wheel and grinder for removing nails to a chopsaw and air nailguns.

Step 2: The Build

Building in place with materials on hand means a lot of measuring and sometimes just holding a board up to see if it will fit or work but the basics of the shelves are simple. for the bottom 2x12' shelf we attached lengths of 2x2 to the fence/wall at a height that seemed right and cut several 2x2"s as legs for the front and nailed on the wide plank then,(a) Cut 6 pieces of 2x2" into 9 3/4 lengths and 3 into 9' lengths and make 3 upside down u shapes and place them on the bottom shelf, (b) toenailing into the bottom shelf and then laying the 2x10" plank on top,adjusting the lengths and repeating the repeating a and b until all your shelves are up. As simple as this is, it was a lot more difficult to get slipshod looking shelves from someone who works in extreme high dollar mansions for a living " NO WAIT! (insert saw sound) you could have left the rough/angled end on ! " Really it's ok the shelves aren't the same length" Oh well, what would have taken me most of the day he had done in just over an hour, including setting up, cleaning up and everything back in its custom built area of the trailer. He even threw in a really cool door latch in about 15 minutes !

Step 3: Not the Finish

NO, I'm not going to show you the totally decorated scene (because it's still being worked on!) but this pic will give you an idea where it's going...

Watch for my full Haunted House "ible" around All Hallo's Eve




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    This is a pretty awesome idea!  And pretty impressive that you're willing to go to the effort!  It would be cool if you set up this first room like a mad scientist museum or something.

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    Although it is a lot of work its also a lot of fun and its a way for the whole family to interact on an almost daily basis for 2 months. We didn't start out to be as big as we are, its just grown over the years. This room is the brainchild of my youngest daughter, kind of a den or library, it's intended to be a place to corral our victims and explain that they are about to tour the home of an insane hermit (or something like that, the "script" has changed a dozen times) It's also a great place to display some of our better skulls. Thank you for commenting

    nice idea try to do a L so that they are trapped and cant run out

    Our whole theme actually fell together because of this "room". A terrified "FBI Agent" comes thru the door and leads the "trapped people" thru the insane doctors "home" further on there is a gate that is slammed behind you by a chainsaw wielding ghoul who "kills" the agent and your trapped, the obvious door is nailed shut (we had some guys almost tear down the wall trying to escape they were pulling on the door so hard) Next year there will be something else in this area..)

    I love this. You do have a knack for building haunts. This is my first year building any kind of displays for Halloween and I'm having a blast. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    Im fortunate to come from an artistic family and that my kids inherited the trait, without their help none of this would be possible and as this 'ible" demonstrates we've even drug in the inlaws! This isn't the first time either, if you look at my haunted house "ibles" from previous years you'll see an electric chair and toepincher coffin/door that Steve has made for us. welcome to the realm of home Haunters but BEWARE it can be addictive ! We've already started on plans for NEXT years haunt ...................

    thank you, we really like it too, this year is over the top for us, but its just so much fun !

    That room looks great with those shelves! I can't wait to see the whole thing :)