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Introduction: Skullcandy Headphone Rack

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Hello! This is just to quickly show you something I whipped up with my dad from some old pieces of wood. I recently bought a pair of skull candy headphones and they came with a little card board skull, so I thought, I can do something with that! So I made this rack. It's fairly simple with only a couple of screws, some glue and a bit of painting. If enough people say so, I will add instructions. Hope you like it and see you next time!



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    Please do an 'ible, i got some skullz yesterday and this looks class

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    Oh cool. It was a while ago, so I probably won't post an ible, but it's pretty easy. I found two dowels of diferent thickness and drilled holes for everything to fit together. Make sure to put a little bit of glue/liquid nails before putting in the rods.Did you remember to keep the skull? If not, you can probably pring another. Hope that helps!

    thanks, i di, i might give it ago on the weekend :)

    Cool, good luck and please post a pic! Remember to paint it in the colours of ur skullz

    thanks, i might get around to making it, mine are the agent retro rode ones, so there white

    great job HMice i all ways that was bought